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Perkie's Observations: Sasha is Rocked By Brando's Sudden Death on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for September 20, 2022
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Sasha Gilmore, General Hospital

Sofia Mattsson

On today’s General Hospital recap: Gladys is grateful that Brando is alive and hugs Sonny. Stella sees that TJ is distracted and he tells her about Brando's attack, but is grateful he pulled through.

Sasha calls for help and Portia runs in. Sasha prays and has flashbacks of her early relationship with Brando (Wow, JW's hair was awful in those first scenes.) 

Sonny meets a Mike lookalike at the hospital, and he sits and chats with him until the man tells him he's needed in regarding Brando. 

Portia comes out and tells Sasha they did everything they could, just as Gladys and Nina walk up. Portia tells them that Brando didn't make it as the women collapse in grief. 

Sonny wants to know what happened, but Portia says there were complications. Sonny wants a moment with Brando and tells him to take care of Liam and Mike. He promises to take care of Sasha and Gladys. Sasha, Nina, and Gladys join Sonny at Brando's deathbed. 

Jordan's upset at Curtis' accusations that she's trying to sabotage his relationship with Portia. She insists she signed the papers and left them to be mailed. She wants them to sign the new papers and move forward.

Curtis questions whether they would still be married if he hadn't asked for a divorce. Jordan says she still loved him, but he was the one who ended things. He blames her secrets and she says you can't know anyone to their core. 

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Finn wonders if the public has a right to know that someone with a hook is out there and can strike again. Alexis believes the people have a right to know, but Gregory points out they shouldn't interfere in a police investigation. 

Alexis asks Gregory's opinion on the article. She decides she'll write an open letter to the hook-er to appeal to the person's vanity. Alexis believes it will get the person's attention, though Gregory's not sure it will work. They overhear the nurses talk about Brando's death and both decide the article needs to be written. 

Liz's memory of the woman on the stairs morphs into her memory of finding Peter on the stairs. Kevin pulls her out and she decides she's done with the hypnotism. Liz tells Finn what happened and believes Peter's fall triggered her teenage memory.

Liz heads back to talk to Kevin, telling him she remembers something else. Liz says something Finn said was similar to what her father used to say and thinks Dad was the one who pushed that woman down the stairs. 

Carly puts flowers at her adoptive mother's grave and talks to Virginia about her lot in life. A night watchman stops by to kick her out. The cemetery is closed to repurpose the land and she'll need to move her mother's grave. 

Carly then walks directly from the cemetery into the bar and she warns Peyton she won't be moving her mother's grave. (Ok, so all of this is not really happening and a figment of a comatose/unconscious Carly????? And I should care, why???)

Portia tells TJ about Brando's death, and he's shocked. He says the surgery was successful and doesn't know what went wrong. 

Portia finds Finn to tell him that Brando died and wants an explanation as to why. Portia says Brando's last symptoms don't track with his condition and wonders if there is a more sinister explanation. 

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