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The Young and the Restless Recap: Nikki Opens Up to Talia About Her Sordid History With Deacon

The Young and the Restless Recap for September 20, 2022
Nikki Newman, The Young and the Restless

Melody Thomas Scott

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap:

Society: Phyllis and Diane arrive to join Summer and Kyle. Neither women knew the other would be there, but they hesitantly accept. Kyle and Summer explain they need action, not words. They don't want to hear any accusations or complaints from Phyllis or Diane. They won't referee their conflicts any longer and warn them any problems from either party will result in termination for both. They think it's harsh, but assure their bosses they will do their best.

Los Angeles: Talia meets with Nikki, who explains why she's in LA. Talia's happy to use any new information that Nikki can get out of Deacon about Diane. Talia says if her editor kills her story again, then she will turn it into a book.

Nikki plans to catch Deacon off guard. Talia senses Nikki's nervousness and asks what she expects to happen when they cross paths again. Nikki assures Talia she can handle Deacon, but accepts Talia's offer to talk off the record. Nikki tells her about alcoholism, Deacon, and Diane's death. (Flashbacks of Nikki and Deacon.) She feels better about confronting Deacon after confiding in Talia.

Crimson Lights: Imani tells Nate that Sutton collapsed and had to be hospitalized. Nate offers to help Imani find out about her father's condition. Nate makes a call and says he's okay and just needs rest. Nate suggests she visit him and she agrees. Imani is grateful for Nate's support and tells him how savvy a business man he is. She thinks he should return to the company. He tells her that's his plan.

Newman Enterprises: Victoria tells Nick she has inside information about Chancellor-Winters going public, and wants to gain majority control and several board seats. Nick wants to know where she got the information. He questions Nate's motives and wonders what's in it for him. Victoria confides that Nate wants the top job at the new Chancellor-Winters.

Nick warns her about SEC interference if any of them profit from this information. Nick thinks Lily and Devon will rightly see her move as a betrayal and wonders if this is more about Billy answering to her. Victoria claims this isn't personal, but all business. She says she will talk it over with Victor and Nikki.

Jabot: Diane pops into Jack's office to apologize for getting him involved when she made accusations against Phyllis. She tells Jack about her meeting with Phyllis, Summer, and Kyle. 

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Jack accuses them of enjoying their rivalry knowing full well that conflict was off the table from the start. Diane tries to deny it, but Jack reflects on his unhealthy past with Victor. He tells her not to fall back into old habits.

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-Victoria calls Nate to set up a meeting.

-Kyle and Summer are feeling themselves after their confrontations with their mothers.

-Phyllis calls Nikki to get the scoop on her visit.

-Diane gets a text that Nikki's in LA with Talia and the editor can't hold off much longer.

-Nikki texts Deacon and tells him where to meet her.

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