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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Bill Bonds With His Boys While Roasting Ridge

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for September 21, 2022
Bill Spencer, The Bold and the Beautiful

Don Diamont

Logan Lodge: Brooke is leaving Ridge a message thinking he’s probably in a meeting at Forrester - apparently she missed him last night and this morning (did he ever come home?). Hope enters while she rambles on. Hope wonders what in the world happened. Brooke tells her Steffy is responsible. She explains how her phone call was blocked. Hope is annoyed with Steffy and assumes that Ridge has no clue what his meddling daughter did. Brooke agrees and thinks it’s time to have a chat with Taylor. Hope thinks it’s time to have yet another chat with Steffy.

Casa de Parent Trap: Zende and Thomas present a Hope For The Future design to Steffy at the beach house. She likes it and uses their collaboration as yet another reason to discuss how their family is coming together.

Just then, Taylor is lurking in the kitchen (is she eating nuts?). She overhears and reprimands Steffy for beating this long dead horse. Steffy explains she just wants her dad to come to his senses and leave Brooke for Taylor.

 Zende exits as this parent trap drama goes nuclear. Taylor wants her kids to focus on their own lives (do they have lives?) and leave her relationship with Ridge alone. They have no concern about any actual lives of their own and continue on their parent trap quest.

Spencer Family Values: Liam, Wyatt, and Bill are eating lunch at Il Giardino. Liam wonders why the hell they are there. Bill says he just wants to have a simple, non-business lunch with his kids - then asks for a kiss. They boys shudder at their daddy.

Liam asks about Ridge walking in on Brooke during their embrace. Bill doesn’t think Liam’s bluntness is funny…not one bit. Bill says it wasn’t a big deal, but Wyatt isn’t buying what his daddy is selling. Liam wonders if Bill considered how triggered Ridge might be if he walked in on their trip down memory lane. Bill scoffs at the use of the word triggered and wonders why Brooke puts up with “poser the clown” (I love Bill!).

Bill says how lucky Ridge should be to have Brooke as his wife. More to the point, Ridge is an “uptight, entitled waste of skin.” He wonders what Brooke could possibly see in him. Liam says Ridge is a family man and laughs a bit when he’s at home - and then there is the connection betwixt the two of them.

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Liam remarks how Steffy and Thomas are working against Ridge and Brooke. Wyatt wonders when the parent trap duo began having influence on Ridge, Taylor, and Brooke. Bill agrees that children should stay out of grown folks’ business.

Liam immediately moves to Thomas holding Douglas “hostage” and being the impetus for all this mess. He’s concerned that Thomas is getting into Hope’s head. Liam is just flummoxed. Bill reminds his sons that Brooke is a fighter…especially when it comes to Ridge.


-Thomas tells Taylor he’s going to take Douglas skating, just as Brooke arrives to chat with Taylor. She tells Taylor she needs to get Steffy under control. Taylor doesn’t really get Brooke’s inspiration for this particular visit. Brooke explains how Steffy kept her from talking to Ridge the night before so Taylor could continue connecting with him.

-Steffy is at Forrester. She and Paris are discussing how amazing Zende and Thomas’ collaborative designs for Hope For The Future are (side note: isn’t Paris a social worker in charge of the Forrester charitable fund?). Just then, Hope arrives hoping to have a moment alone with Steffy.

-Hope immediately goes IN on Steffy for screening Ridge’s calls and keeping Brooke from speaking to him. Steffy tries to brush her off and says she is trying to reclaim a life that was stolen from her parents by Brooke (this storyline is physically painful).

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