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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Steffy and Thomas Go Full Steam Ahead With Operation Parent Trap

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for September 20, 2022
Steffy Forrester, Thomas Forrester, The Bold and the Beautiful

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, Matthew Atkinson

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap: 

Parent Trap: Steffy and Thomas are un-ironically schooling Taylor and Ridge on how to engage in a successful relationship. Their married dad and unmarried mom should just say “I love you” and everything will be hunky dory. Taylor thinks they sound like an infomercial. Steffy says she clearly feels the same way about Ridge as she feels about Finn. Ridge and Taylor continue to flirt while Thomas, Steffy, and (briefly) Finn continue to plan the Parent Trap.

Do As I Say, Not As I Do: Hope is wondering why Ridge hasn’t responded to Brooke’s text about their romantic evening. Liam enters and wonders what’s going on. He’s wondering if everything is okay since Ridge walked in on her with Bill. Hope freaks out because she didn’t know. Brooke says none of it was a big deal, but everyone knows how the dressmaker feels about Bill. Hope is worried this Bill thing will be a problem for Ridge (strangely, Brooke doesn’t impose the same boundaries on Ridge as he does on her). Hope thinks Ridge is being ridiculous but, shockingly, Brooke cuts for him. She reiterates the romantic evening she has planned is necessary for her and Ridge to reconnect.

Never Tell Me Never: Sheila is in Deacon’s pimped out storage closet remembering what it was like when she sneaked into the beach house to hold baby Hayes. Just then, Deacon arrives looking at a text from a number asking to meet at a hotel. Sheila’s a little edgy and Deacon wonders what she’s up to. Sheila looks at him adoringly, wondering why he assumes the worst of her. She’s thinking about her grandson, which Deacon thinks is a bad idea. He demands she stay away from them. Sheila looks out the window and Deacon immediately wonders what she’s doing. Sheila explains that no one is looking for her now and he needs to relax. She tries seduce him and he briefly responds before pulling out…I mean pulling back.

Deacon wonders if Sheila needs a spanking to dissuade her from her quest to get back with Finn and Hayes. Deacon pulls her into his arms and says he understands how much being separated from her child (children?) sucks. That said, he wants her to face reality. Sheila takes Deacon by the face and tells him to never say never to her. He reassures her that he’s trying to help her. Deacon reminds her she needs to remain “dead” in order to stay out of prison. Sheila says she’s grateful for her freedom, but needs to be a part of Finn and Hayes’ life. Deacon then leaves Sheila alone with her thoughts.

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-Hope and Liam retire to the cabin and discuss how wonderful they both are. Hope thanks him for being so understanding about the time she’s had to spend with Thomas so she can keep an eye on Douglas. They discuss Brooke and Ridge - Liam thinks maybe a romantic evening is exactly what Brooke and Ridge need.

-Brooke is in the main house suddenly dressed in a gorgeous gown and lighting candles in anticipation of Ridge’s arrival.

-Steffy thinks she and Thomas should have tried harder to make sure their parents reconnected (really?). Just then, Steffy sees that Brooke is calling Ridge’s phone. She picks it up and tells Brooke that her dad is busy right now with Taylor. She asks to speak with Ridge and Steffy refuses to disturb him. Brooke reminds her that she is his wife. Steffy says not for long since he is hanging out with Taylor. She says Ridge is at his real home and hangs up (is she twelve?). Steffy and Thomas continue discussing their Parent Trap plan.

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