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Days of Our Lives Recap: Brady is Awarded Sole Custody of Rachel After Chloe Intervenes

Days of Our Lives Recap for September 21, 2022
Chloe Lane, Brady Black, Belle Black, Days of Our Lives

Nadia Bjorlin, Eric Martsolf, Martha Madison

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

University Hospital: Kayla and Marlena have independently agreed to keep a lid on their conditions, and not tell their children what's happening. Marlena tries to stay busy with work to keep from thinking about the hearing. Kayla tells Marlena that Steve went to see Orpheus.

Kate gets dressed and tells Roman she's going home. Roman tries to get her to stay, but she says if she's going to die, she doesn't want to be in a hospital.

Salem PD: Steve tells Orpheus he will give him one chance to tell him what he's done to Kayla, Kate, and Marlena. Steve threatens to kill him with a pen to the carotid artery.

Chloe asks Shawn about Philip's case. It's been nearly a year and Chloe explains how Kristen is using the investigation into Brady against him at the hearing. Shawn explains that he can't testify on Brady's behalf because he was involved in the case.

Steve goes in for the kill, but Shawn rushes in and pulls him away. Shawn orders Steve to leave and says that Orpheus is no longer a danger. Steve tells him otherwise.

Hearing Room: Belle questions John about Brady's parenting skills and commitment to his sobriety. John isn't paying attention...he's recalling Orpheus' call while a tear falls down his cheek. John regains his composure and does Brady a solid. He angrily brings up Kristen's "alleged" crimes.

Kristen counters how he missed Marlena's recent crime spree and questions if he sees what he wants. Belle tries to intervene, but Kristen keeps pushing until the judge puts a stop to it. When she asks John where Marlena is, John stands up, gets in her face, and says, "At this moment she could be dying you miserable bitch!"

During a recess, John explains what Orpheus did. John, Belle, and Brady leave for the hospital when Kristen stops them. She wants to talk to Brady. Kristen claims she didn't know that Marlena was ill and apologizes. Brady tells her this fight isn't about Rachel, but having to die on every hill she climbs. He accuses her of being like Stefano and she agrees. Brady threatens to keep Rachel safe from Kristen because of her behavior during the hearing.

Brady Pub: Chloe comes to Kate for help with Brady. She wants Kate to testify that Brady is innocent concerning Philip. Kate remembers her conversation with Roman when she confessed to knowing Philip's whereabouts. She tells Chloe she'll think about it. Chloe gets snarky and leaves.

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Roman says he's going to tell the judge that Philip is alive. Kate doesn't want the Feds to find Philip because he's getting the help he needs. Roman asks her to think about it for Brady's sake. He can't imagine a good life for Rachel with Kristen having custody.

Marlena's room: Belle and Brady talk visit Marlena. She tries to convince them she's fine and wants them to return to the hearing. Belle gets an alert that recess is almost over, and she and Brady head out.

Back at the courthouse: Chloe wants to see Brady, but Kristen says he's not there. Chloe tells Kristen she's aware of her plan to use Stefan to derail her relationship with Brady. Kristen returns to the hearing room. In the hallway, Chloe asks to speak with the judge.

Belle and Kristen give their closing statements. As Kristen talks, Roman appears and asks to make a statement. The judge tells Roman it's too late because she's already made a decision.

Back at the hospital: Steve tells Kayla he failed to convince Orpheus to come clean. Kayla wonders how he tried to convince him, but is interrupted by a call from the ISA lab.

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-Shawn confronts Orpheus, who tells Shawn he will finally be avenged when the three women die.

-Kayla collapses in Marlena's room just as she's about to give the test results.

-Roman returns and tells Kate he didn't have a to tell the judge about Philip. He says that Brady now has sole custody of Rachel.

-Belle puts Kristen on notice about harassing Brady and Rachel. Kristen accuses Chloe of pulling a stunt and wants to know what she did, but Chloe doesn't bite.

-Flashback...Chloe asks the judge to watch a video clip of Kristen attacking her at work. Chloe said she couldn't give it to Belle because Kristen would know it was her. The evidence is relevant because the attack happened after Kristen was released from Statesville.

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