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General Hospital's John J. York Talks Mac's Paternity Question

John J. York 2

Is General Hospital's Mac (John J. York) the father? The cop suspects that he's town newcomer Cody's (Josh Kelly) dad, which has caused all sorts of conundrums for him. Soap Opera Digest talks to York about his character's potential daddy drama.

What is Mac's state of mind currently? York reflected:

It’s uncomfortable. Mac and Felicia [Kristina Wagner] have a great life together and they’ve been through so much and everything is amazing, and this could change things. Mac is thinking, ‘What do I do? How do I accept this? Here’s a young man, a grown adult that I had nothing to do with, and now what am I supposed to do?’ But hopefully, with the help and love of Felicia and Maxie [Kirsten Storms] and patience and time, we’ll figure these things out. But I don’t think, if we took a DNA test, that Mac would be too surprised if it turned out that Cody is his son. 

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He added:

And if it turns out that Cody is his son, I think he would want to get to know him. He can’t really tell him he’s sorry [that he didn’t raise him] because Mac had no idea! There was never any indication that Dominique [Shell Danielson] was pregnant with his child; otherwise, he would have searched for him. I don’t know how they’re going to write this, but as John York playing Mac Scorpio, Mac, for me, is someone that would want to try to build on, ‘We’re here now, so how do we go forward? I don’t want you to be a stranger.’ There’s a lot to figure out, and hopefully there will be a nice emotional arc for the fans.