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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Brooke Urges Taylor to Control Steffy’s Childish Behavior

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for September 22, 2022
Brooke Logan, The Bold and the Beautiful

Katherine Kelly Lang

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap: 

Control Your Child: Brooke tells Taylor that Steffy crossed the line when she wouldn’t let her talk to Ridge. Taylor tries to defend Steffy, but she clearly suspects Brooke is telling the truth. As Brooke rages, Taylor says this is the first she’s hearing about the situation. Brooke says that Taylor needs to stop Steffy in her tracks, today! Taylor snarkily promises to ground Steffy when she gets home. Brooke is not amused.

Brooke wonders why Steffy isn’t focused on her own marriage now that her husband has been resurrected. Brooke reminds Taylor that no matter how much they all think she’s not good enough for Ridge - he chose her. Taylor says she’s not the homewrecker Brooke thinks she is. Brooke counters by asking what exactly that “magical” kiss was in Monaco if not homewrecking - she knew exactly what she was doing.

Et tu, Tomas? Paris walks into the communal office at Forrester asking Hope if everything is okay with Steffy. Hope hesitates, but says things are bad and will likely get worse. Paris wants to help, but there is nothing she can do. As she explains the issues at hand, Thomas enters and Paris exits (can Paris please have a storyline?).

Hope wonders if Thomas is aware of what Steffy did the night before. Thomas says Steffy may have gone too far, but Brooke always hurts Ridge. Hope rightfully reminds him that Brooke and Ridge have both hurt each other. Further, Thomas, above all people, should understand how people can change. Thomas proceeds to put his foot in his mouth and admits to being a party to Steffy’s actions. Hope doesn’t understand why they can’t let Ridge, a grown ass man, make his own decisions.

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Mutual Appreciation Society: Bill is at Il Giardino talking to JJ, who appears to be an event planner. He is trying to set up a big release party for Spencer Publications. After she exits, Li arrives alone. Li agrees to join him for lunch number two. They sit and discuss Finn’s recovery. Li feels badly for not telling Steffy what she did, but Bill says Li is a hero. He can’t believe how far she has come since the night he found her in the alley. Li expresses her gratitude for his kindness. Bill asks her to stop thanking him. Li continues as she wants him to know just how good a man he is.

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-Thomas doesn’t want their parents to get in the way of the progress he and Hope have made. He quotes Shakespeare, and compares the Forresters and Logans to the Montagues and Capulets. Hope dryly reminds him that Romeo and Juliet ended up dead.

-Taylor apologizes to Brooke for the magical kiss and claims it wasn’t planned. Brooke wonders if she can believe her. Taylor reminds Brooke she doesn’t want to hurt her, but she loves Ridge for all who he is. Brooke feels the same. Taylor says that Ridge is in love with both of them and is desperately trying to figure out which one of them he should be with.

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