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Days of Our Lives Recap: Jennifer Rose Threatens to Cut Gwen Out of Jack’s Life

Days of Our Lives Recap for September 22, 2022
Jennifer Rose Horton, Days of Our Lives

Cady McClain

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

Wedding Bells: Clyde and Nancy are at the Brady Pub when Clyde gets a text from his probation officer. He wants Clyde to come in for a drug test. Nancy sees Leo’s picture in the news and is thankful the murderous rodent is behind bars. Clyde changes the subject and tells Nancy he wants to get married today! Nancy is dumbstruck and wonders what Craig will think. Clyde doubles down and Nancy agrees, but wants Chloe there, who will want Brady there, and Craig should be there too. Nancy says that she wishes Joy were there (a Joy mention!), but they will celebrate with her later.

Alice Horton’s Living Room: Jennifer Rose is staring at a picture of Abigail and downing pills…just as Jack walks in. They reminisce about their recently departed daughter. The doorbell rings leaving JRo time to hide her pills.

Gwen walks in and JRo immediately thanks her for turning in Leo. She admits she called the police out of spite and add she’s not so sure Leo is the guilty party. Gwen explains she doesn’t think he has the stomach for stabbing someone.

Gwen remarks that Leo thinks it was Craig Wesley. She explains how Leo thinks Craig is seeking revenge for being humiliated at the altar. They realize that means Abigail was collateral damage. Jack wants to check on The Spectator and Gwen exits with him.

Jennifer Rose waists zero seconds grabbing the pills from the mantle…just as Gwen returns to retrieve her purse. JRo lies and says they are antibiotics. Gwen reminds her she was a drug mule for a dastardly doctor and knows an opioid when she sees it. She tells JRo she knows she's been in recovery and probably wants to numb her pain. Gwen goes to get Jack, but JRo says NO!

Killer Reunion: Leo is in a holding cell waxing poetic about Gwen’s betrayal. Craig arrives wondering if Leo is gunning for an insanity defense. Leo turns the tables on him and says Craig is going to burn in hell for his actions. Craig remembers being humiliated, but otherwise has no clue what Leo is talking about. Leo goes IN on Craig, saying he framed him for Abigail’s murder and Sonny’s stabbing. Craig is somewhat amused by Leo’s accusations and thinks it wreaks of desperation. Leo explains his theory, which sends Craig into a rage. He declares just how happy he is they are no longer together.

Stabbed in The Back Yet Again: Alex arrives with balloons, a stuffed pony, and jelly beans. Sonny has no time for this foolishness and confronts Alex about trying to steal his job at Titan. Sonny is also pissed that Alex is making big moves in his interim position. Alex is annoyed that Sonny would think he was being manipulative. Before he can leave, Sonny apologizes (these two give solid brother energy), they make nice, and he shares his jelly beans. Alex is touched and goes in for a hug. Just then, Stephanie enters.

Stephanie got a call from a reporter about one of the deals Alex made. They wanted to know why Titan is acquiring a company that was recently purchased by Alex. It now all makes sense to Sonny as this is the same company he tried to acquire before it was snatched out from underneath him. I’m thinking Alex’s jelly bean supply just dried up.

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Alex explains he bought the company to help him because he was about to blow the deal. Sonny thinks Alex stabbed him in the back and throws him out of his room. Stephanie tries to make peace, but Alex storms out. Sonny looks terribly sad when he realizes he can’t trust his brother.

Alex is waiting on an elevator, still smarting from his confrontation with Sonny, when Clyde bursts through the door and says, “watch it, son.” Alex declares he’s not Clyde’s son and wonders what the hell that was about.

Scent of a Murderer: Chad is in the interrogation room with Rafe explaining why he is certain that Craig (who is suspect number eleventy about whom Chad has been certain) is Abigail’s killer. He explains how Sonny remembers smelling vanilla right when he was attacked. He saw Craig, who also smells like vanilla. Even Rafe can’t rationalize locking someone up for a scent. Rafe is over Chad’s constant accusations, but agrees to check it out.

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-Rafe encounters Craig and wants to know if he’ll answer some questions about Leo.

-Alex goes to Titan and sees Stephanie. He wants to know if they can talk about the situation with Sonny over a drink. She thinks better of it and leaves the office to handle things herself.

-JRo can’t believe Gwen wants to cause even more devastation after everything she has done to the family. Gwen logically says she needs help and Jack is the right person to tell. She says Abigail wouldn’t want her to take the pills. JRo LOSES HER MIND and tells Gwen to mind her own damned business, aaaaaand says she has been nothing but a virus to their family. She tells her the only reason Gwen has a relationship with Jack is because she supports it. JRo threatens if she rats her out to Jack, she will make sure Gwen never sees her father again!

-Nancy leaves a voicemail invitation for Craig to attend her wedding. Just then, Chad walks up and the topic quickly shifts to Craig. He wants to know if Craig has always worn a scent that resembles vanilla. Nancy says that Craig has never worn a scent, but that is exactly the scent Clyde wears…Chad flashes back to hugging Craig with Clyde standing close by.

-Clyde looks into Sonny’s room. He flashes back to the night Sonny was stabbed. Clyde was wearing black gloves and stood behind him at Titan when no one else was around.

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