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Perkie's Observations: Anna and Valentin Worry About Lucy's Association With Victor on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for September 21, 2022
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Anna Devane, General Hospital

Finola Hughes

On today’s General Hospital recap: Brook Lynn daydreams of making out with Chase during a Deception meeting (did wardrobe deliberately put all three women in a variation of orange?). Lucy's concerned that Deception is late in releasing a statement on Brando's death. Maxie thinks Brook Lynn is distracted by her work with Chase. Lucy warns Brook Lynn she needs to spend more time on Deception work and get her head back in the game.

Chase questions Finn about Brando, who still doesn't know how he died. Chase wants to find Brando's killer, but Finn points out that Chase is no longer a cop.

Portia still doesn't know what caused Brando's death, then the divorce papers (jinx) come up. Curtis reassures her that after discussing it with Jordan, it will all work out.

Sonny's not happy with Alexis' headline and she says she meant to give him a heads up. Sonny points out that Sasha's having a hard time and to keep her in mind when writing her articles. Neither are amused when they find Victor engrossed in conversation with Kristina.

Sonny interrupts and reminds Victor to stay away from his family. Victor points out that Kristina is his family as well. Valentin reminds Victor it would be a mistake to provoke Sonny, but Victor dismisses it.

Alexis and Sonny question Kristina on Victor's interest. She tells them that Victor offered to provide her with security, which Kristina thinks is overkill. Kristina says she didn't get a good look so the attacker won't find her a threat. Sonny wants her to take time off work, but Kristina is not interested in that. Alexis gets angry and tells her not to risk her life for a dead end job. (Open mouth, insert foot!!)

Sonny tries to de-escalate the Davis women, but mother and daughter continue to snipe about Kristina's career choices. Kristina believes Alexis wants her to quit the bar and do something more productive, but says she's happy working at Charlie's.

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Victor interrupts Lucy and Maxie's meeting. He's sniffing around Lucy once again and wants time alone with her. Victor's annoyed he hasn't been able to get a hold of her for days and wants lunch. Lucy mentions Brando's death and doesn't feel the time is right for lunch with him. Victor is certain he can keep her mind off the tragedy and convinces her.

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Jordan shows Anna a hook similar to the killer's weapon. She says she's on her way to speak with the medical examiner. Anna offers any help that Jordan needs. Jordan brings up the issue with Curtis and how she still loves him, but he's moved on. She doesn't want to tell him the secret she knows because she doesn't want to break up Curtis and Portia. Anna doesn't believe it's fair that Jordan's making the decision for Curtis. When Valentin interrupts, Jordan warns them both they don't know who might be the next target.

Valentin updates Anna that Victor's continuing to hold Charlotte. He says he knew the minute she was born, she would be in danger. Valentin is scared for her, but Anna tells him to be brave.

Anna tells Valentin she has a contact checking out Charlotte's school, but the person backed out upon hearing of Victor's involvement. Anna says if Robert's people are too afraid of Victor, then she and Valentin are on their own. She's also worried about Lucy's involvement. Valentin agrees they need to cut Lucy loose for her safety. The two head to Deception, but Maxie tells them that Lucy left with Victor.

Selina stops by the club complaining she had to hear about Curtis' engagement from someone else. She says she can find a bigger role for him, but Curtis isn't interested.

Brook Lynn and Chase show up for an audition, which surprises Curtis, though he agrees to listen. Chase sings for Curtis, and Selina and Curtis believes there is a Savoy gig in Chase's future.

Portia tells Finn she went over every report and result, and doesn't understand why Brando didn't make a full recovery. Portia mentions the Invader story and how an anonymous source told them about the hook. She feels they did a good thing in bringing the story some attention. Jordan overhears and disagrees, saying it's threatening an investigation. She wants the identity of the source, but Portia tells her to call Alexis. Jordan says no one knew that both Ava and Brando were attacked with the same weapon, and wants a gag order from the medical staff. Jordan says the killer now has an edge they can exploit.

Portia gets the test results, and tells Jordan and Finn that the weapon was laced with a poison, which caused Brando's death.

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