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Perkie's Observations: Nina Rallies Maxie to Support Sasha on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for September 22, 2022
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Nina Reeves, General Hospital

Cynthia Watros

On today’s General Hospital recap: Finn reads the report and says the poison was from a reptile venom used in warrior cultures. Jordan reminds Portia and Finn not to leak anything to the press. Portia questions whether they're dealing with a serial killer. Jordan's not sure based on the difference in the attacks, but thinks the person added the poison since the first victim didn't die.

Victor takes Lucy to The Haunted Star with plans to take her out on the water. He says he rented the yacht so there will be no interruptions. Lucy's playing nice, while trying to find out how soon they're heading back to dry land. Victor has a gift for her, an expensive bracelet. Victor tells her something Earth-shattering is coming. He needs a right hand person and says it should be her.

Maxie seems flippant about Victor dragging Lucy away for lunch until she realizes Anna and Valentin's concern. Maxie tries to locate Lucy, but comes up empty. She then tells them it's not like Lucy to duck out today since they're dealing with Brando's death. Maxie reaches out to Brook Lynn and tells them Lucy tweeted something about stars. Anna and Valentin realize that Lucy's on The Haunted Star.

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Drew interrupts Nina and Sonny to let them know he hasn't been in contact with Carly in days. Sonny says she didn't return his call either. Drew says he'll check in with Mia, who says Carly's plane landed in Florida.

Carly gets a new phone and leaves a voicemail message for Josslyn to check in. Peyton's not happy to see that Carly is still in town. The two go back and forth, and Peyton essentially dismisses Carly. (Am I supposed to feel badly for Carly because all I feel is annoyed.)

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Kevin tells Liz she should reach out to her father, but she wants to be hypnotized again right now. Under hypnosis, Liz sees a man at the top of the stairs, but can't make out his face. Kevin pulls her out before she can see the woman's face as well.

Nina asks Maxie's help regarding Sasha, but Maxie feels badly they pushed Sasha away when she needed them. Nina reassures Maxie that everyone did the best they could for Sasha, who clearly has been struggling. Maxie mentions Nathan and how she knows what Sasha is going through. Nina says Sasha and Gladys will need Maxie's help planning the funeral.

Carly finally calls Sonny, who tells her about Brando's death. Sonny says the hooker could be targeting those around him and tells Carly not to come home right away. Sonny says he has security on everyone and tells her she's safer in Jacksonville, and not to come back until he clears her.

Liz pulls out her drawing pencils to draw a picture of the girl in her memory.

Meanwhile Finn's looking at photos on his phone, one of which resembles the girl in Liz's memory. (Wait. What? The girl in Liz's memory is Finn's dead wife?? Did I misunderstand that?)

Anna and Valentin get onto The Haunted Star to search for Lucy. 

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