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The Young and the Restless Recap: Nikki Guilts Deacon Into Turning on Diane

The Young and the Restless Recap for September 21, 2022
Nikki Newman, The Young and the Restless

Melody Thomas Scott

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap:

Crossover: Nikki anxiously awaits Deacon's arrival. He’s stunned that she’s the one who texted him. He’s happy to see her and has thought a lot about her over the years… and she looks goooood.

Nikki isn’t impressed by his flattery, and reminds him how he tried to ruin her life. Deacon scoffs saying he started by manipulating her ,but ended up falling in love with her. Cue the flashback to Nikki drinking and them talking about Diane. In the present, Nikki goes IN on him for helping Diane with faking her own death. He clearly doesn’t know that Diane is back in Genoa City. Nikki fills him in on how Diane told everyone about his role in her deception. Nikki is willing to forgive him if he helps her take Diane down.

Nikki tells him how devoted Diane appears to be with Kyle and how she’s wormed her way back into everyone’s life. Deacon wonders what his role in Nikki’s angst is. Nikki wants to know more about Diane’s time in Los Angeles and wants Deacon to dig up all the dirt and expose that “bitch.”

Deacon says he knows nothing about her life as Taylor Jenson. The only thing he knows is he thought she had a lot of money because she was always buzzing around in a Bentley. That’s news to Nikki. She wants to know about that car. Deacon says there was always some guy sitting next to her in the car who Diane would not reveal. Nikki assumes that Diane didn’t trust him and Deacon can’t disagree with her. Nikki is done with him, but Deacon stops her. He has something he thinks she will want to see.

Meeting of the Minds: Victor is at Society when Diane enters. He doesn't think they have much to catch up on as Phyllis approaches. Victor doesn’t look thrilled with either of these women. Phyllis says she has a takeout order and won’t be staying long - just then, Diane points out that her food is ready and she’d like to chat with Victor alone. Phyllis leaves, but not before saying that Victor sees Diane for what she is (continue beating that dead horse, Red…).

Diane says their conversation is a long time coming and she’s not the person he knew before. He promises to pass her words on to Nikki. Diane wonders if Nikki’s on a business trip and Victor wonders why she wants to know. Diane reminds Victor that he and his wife both have “checkered” pasts and wonders why they can’t just leave her alone. She has worked so hard to start over. She will never let anyone take her redo away from her.

Take it Public: Lily thanks Devon and Billy for joining her for a meeting. Billy wonders if they are discussing Nate’s resignation, but Lily is confident he’ll change his mind. She actually wants to take Chancellor-Winters public. Devon and Billy are skeptical, but Lily persists. Billy is impressed with the numbers she's presented. Devon doesn’t understand why she would want to take the company public when the whole point was to create a family legacy. Lily thinks their vision will always define the future of the company, but this is an opportunity to grow. She doesn’t want to pass this opportunity by. 

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Something Wicked This Way Comes: Nate and Victoria are meeting in the park around J.T.’s former grave discussing the upcoming decision to take Chancellor-Winters public. She’s interested in buying as many shares as possible so she can gain controlling interest for Newman. Nate tells her the Chancellor-Winters family will always maintain 51% interest in the company, but he would be willing to sell his shares, which could help her achieve her goal. He’s willing to take the risk if Victoria's willing to put him in charge of the company after Newman acquires it. Victoria inquires about the difficulty Nate’s had with his family whilst really wanting to know if he still has access to the inner circle. He confirms his position and Victoria agrees to Nate’s terms.

A Plan in Motion: Nate arrives at Chancellor-Winters. He immediately tells Devon he was wrong, and needs to take time to grow in his role and learn from those above him. They all wonder what led to his change of mind. Nate lays it on thick about how he was full of himself and not thinking about the company nor the family - Devon is very quick to agree. Devon digs in and wonders how things will be different between the two of them (meaning Devon isn’t changing so what will Nate do to be subservient…). He assures Devon that he’s the boss (anyone else 100% team Nate?).

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-Victoria tells Victor she has another acquisition in play, but isn’t quite ready to fill him in. They discuss Nikki’s trip to Los Angeles. Victor is assured of Nikki’s abilities. Victoria is somewhat skeptical.

-Nate and the rest of his Chancellor-Winters “family” agree to move forward and live happily ever after (for now…).

-Talia arrives at Nikki’s hotel after Deacon leaves. She wonders if Nikki is okay. Nikki says he is still charming, but is also still a snake. She tells Talia about Diane’s life in a Bentley. She wants Talia to dig about the lifestyle Diane was living. Nikki also fills her in on the mystery “thing” Deacon wants her to see. Talia encourages her to go for it.

-Diane encounters a ridiculously snarky Phyllis at Jabot. Diane really wants Phyllis to stop her ridiculous foolishness. Phyllis asks for an apology and Diane bursts past her. Phyllis says this is now the real Diane. Diane turns around and reminds Phyllis that both she and Victor have committed countless crimes (speak it), and Victor has faked his own death countless times (preach it once more). Diane warns Phyllis that she will regret continuing to push her.

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