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Days of Our Lives Recap: Sonny’s Memories Implicate Clyde

Days of Our Lives Recap for September 24, 2022
Sonny Kiriakis, Days of Our Lives

Zach Tinker

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: 

Snark and Sex Dreams at Basic Black: Jada is looking for Eric. She has his phone and suspects Eric has hers. Nicole snarkily asks if they mixed them up when they were in the sheets. Jada calls Nicole on her snark, but wonders why she cares since she is a newlywed. Nicole says she’s just protective. Jada thinks Nicole is actively rooting for her relationship with Eric to fall apart.

Jada says she spoke to Rafe and knows Nicole offered Eric the job at Basic Black because he was right for the job. As their intense discussion continues, Eric arrives. Jada grabs her phone, kisses Eric (smiling at Nicole), and exits. He immediately asks if something is going on between Nicole and Jada.

Nicole explains she didn’t want to tell Rafe she was having dreams about Eric. She lied and said she offered him a job and that’s why she was preoccupied. Eric quits because Nicole offered him a job out of guilt. Before he can leave, Nicole begs him to listen. She explains how Basic Black needs a photographer they can trust. She asks him to overlook the reason for her offer and begs him to stay on. He agrees if Nicole promises to be up front from now on. She agrees and admits she was having sex dreams about him.

Scent of a Murder: Nancy says Craig never wore any scent, but Clyde wears a vanilla scent. Chad has a flashback to embracing Craig. Nancy tells Chad that Clyde is at the hospital for a drug test and he quickly makes his exit. 

Interrogation Room: Rafe asks the last time Craig saw Leo. Craig says he left the day after their failed wedding. Rafe wants to know where he was on September 1st - the night of Sonny’s stabbing. Craig explains he just visited Leo, who thinks he is responsible for Abigail’s murder and Sonny’s stabbing. Craig can’t believe that Rafe is taking Leo’s rantings seriously. Craig explains he wasn’t anywhere near Salem on the night of either crime. He’s not certain he can provide alibis for both days, but will consult his assistant.

Salem Inn: Brady announces he has been officially granted full custody of Rachel. He doesn’t understand how it all worked out in his favor, but Chloe knows. She thinks the judge was looking for a reason to straighten out a difficult situation. Brady is grateful that she intervened and saved him from losing Rachel. Just as they are about to celebrate nekkid, a knock at the door reveals Nancy. She can’t wait to tell them about her wedding…today. 

Chloe thinks they are rushing things, but Nancy doesn’t understand why. She just wants Chloe and Brady to be her witnesses. Just then, Craig arrives. He tells them about his discussion with Rafe.

Craig says Rafe accused him of being the killer. Nancy is horrified and says that Clyde was also unfairly accused. Nancy begs Craig to give her away at her wedding. She loves him and really wants him there. He agrees because he wants to support her on her happy day.

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University Hospital: Clyde flashes back to the night he put a blade in Sonny’s back. Just then, Will arrives. Clyde explains he’s hanging around to take a drug test for his probation officer. They review their shared time at Statesville and Clyde reminds him he is a changed man. In fact, he’s about to marry Nancy. Just as he leaves, Clyde tells Will he’s glad they found the scum who stabbed Sonny.

Chad asks Will if he’s seen Clyde. Chad quickly tells him he thinks Clyde is the person who actually attacked Sonny and killed Abigail. Will is very willing to believe in this new theory. They immediately tell Sonny they think Leo isn’t guilty and wonder if he remembers seeing Clyde.

Will encourages him to take his time and try to remember. Sonny concentrates and remembers a reflection in the window beside him…it’s Clyde! Why would he do that to him? And why would he kill Abigail? Chad heads out to inform the police of his latest theory.

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-Clyde is in Horton Square where he pricks his finger on his boutonniere. Just then, Nancy arrives and freaks out they are seeing each other before the wedding.

-Jada thinks she has found some evidence. Clyde’s alibi about fishing on the docks doesn’t quite hold up, as the video has been altered. He was on the docks much later in the evening than it appears.

-Eric seems stunned that Nicole was having sex dreams about him. Eric confesses he also was having sex dreams about her, but it was just a dream...right? Everything gets awkward and Eric exits.

-Craig tells Brady and Chloe he’s going to get ready for the wedding. Chloe stops him because she can’t imagine he thinks Nancy marrying Clyde is a good idea. She asks him to help her stop it.

-Sonny is freaking out that Clyde will show up to finish him off. Will reminds him that as long as Leo is behind bars, Clyde won’t make a move. Will promises to stay by his side and says Chad is on his way to the police station to implicate Clyde.

-Chad returns home and pulls a loaded gun from the DiMera safe.

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