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Perkie's Observations: Diane Finds Herself in Mortal Danger on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for September 23, 2022
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Diane Miller, General Hospital

Carolyn Hennesy

On today’s General Hospital recap: Johan hears a noise and when he investigates it, Valentin kicks him into the water.

Lucy flirts with Victor, while trying to get information from him. The yacht comes to a stop and an underling tells Victor that someone went overboard. Lucy spots Anna, and convinces Victor to help fish the person out.

Anna tells Lucy they want to rescue her, but Lucy says she doesn't want to be rescued. Lucy says Victor is starting to open up to her and wants to stay. Victor returns with Johan, who doesn't know how he fell into the water. Lucy continues her flirtation. Anna and Valentin make it back to shore. She's still concerned about Lucy's safety

Diane and Alexis discuss Kristina's blasé attitude about witnessing the attack. She tells Diane about the blow up with Kristina about her job. Nikolas interrupts to talk with Alexis about how he doesn't want to lose Ava. He asks if it's time to give up on his marriage because Ava hasn't budged. Alexis tells him that he needs to risk something for Ava if he wants her to swallow her pride and take him back.

Nina pays Ava a visit. She asks where she plans on staying after she's discharged and offers her a place to stay. Ava admits she'd rather go home to Wyndemere and Nina realizes that Ava's still in love with Nikolas. Nina just wants her to be happy, but Ava wonders if can trust Nikolas. Nikolas shows up and says he has proof of how much he loves Ava.

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Liz looks at the photo she's drawn and has a memory of seeing the woman's face at the bottom of the stairs. Liz updates Finn on her latest session with Kevin. She says she remembers seeing the woman's face, then she sees the woman's photo on Finn's phone.

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Finn tells Liz that her name is Reiko, his late wife. Finn tells her about Reiko and how the case he's working on brought up her memory. He mentions being in the Mariana Islands with her. Liz makes an excuse and leaves. She heads home where she finds a photo of her and Sarah, with an inscription that reads, "Elizabeth and Sarah, Mariana Islands, 1997."

Alexis tells Gregory that Jordan isn't happy with her article because it was fear mongering. Alexis admits she's worried about Kristina being a target and doesn't believe the killer is done.

Sonny finds Sasha alone in the garage and offers her comfort. Sonny commiserates with her and talks about losing Morgan.

Diane stops by the garage looking for Sasha. She tells Sonny she's been called in to replace of Martin. Sonny's still angry with Diane for going after him on the stand, but she says she was helping her clients as best she can. Sonny's upset that she sided with Michael, but she defends her actions. Sonny says it was personal for him and he can't forget that.

Diane tells Sasha that she's serving as her interim lawyer and needs to discuss her guardianship. Sasha worries that she'll end up in prison now that Brando is dead. Diane will file a continuance to deal with new paperwork. She asks about the guardianship papers and Sasha tells her to check Brando's office.

Sonny tells Dex he's taking Sasha home. He wants him to make sure Dex locks up when Diane is finished. Diane goes through Brando's office looking for the guardianship papers. The hook-er shows up behind her. (I know they're pushing hard for us to think it's Dex, seeing as he's now been at all three hookings, but I still believe he's the red herring.)

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