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Days of Our Lives Recap: Chad’s Rage And Stefano’s Gun Force Clyde to Admit The Truth

Days of Our Lives Recap for September 26, 2022
Clyde Weston, Chad DiMera, Days of Our Lives

James Read, Billy Flynn

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: 

Horton Square: Clyde and Nancy are discussing their upcoming wedding. They seal their joy with a kiss. Nancy exits to go get beautiful. Clyde turns around and comes face to face with Belle. He asks her to give EJ his best. Clyde tells her that he’s getting married this evening.

Kiriakis mansion: Bonnie greets Justin with the news about Clyde and Nancy. She quickly takes credit for the joyous occasion, but Justin looks quite skeptical. He doesn’t understand how Bonnie can celebrate Nancy marrying a criminal (did he just say that whilst sitting next to Bonnie?).

Justin gets a frantic call from Alex, who wants help smoothing things over with Sonny. Just then, Nancy arrives in a snit because she needs something to wear for her big day. Bonnie agrees, so they head up the stairs! Bonnie quickly dresses and styles Nancy, and she looks beautiful. Justin enters with very bad news. Sonny just confirmed that Clyde stabbed him. He thinks Clyde was trying to frame Leo Stark because he also murdered Abigail.

Nancy is beside herself. She thanks Bonnie for helping her, but asks her not to attend her wedding. After she leaves, Bonnie reminds Justin that she knows what it’s like to be someone with a criminal past (thank you!) and wants to give Clyde the benefit of the doubt. Justin is skeptical, but will talk to Sonny again.

Salem Inn: Chloe is all but begging Craig to help stop Nancy’s wedding to Clyde, but he won’t do it. Brady tries to calm Chloe, but she doubles down reminding Craig how close he came to marrying Leo. Craig reminds Chloe that Clyde has paid his debt to society. They need to let Nancy do what she wants. Much to her chagrin, Brady agrees with Craig.

Salem PD: Jada and Rafe discuss the altered video that now eliminates Clyde’s alibi. They quickly call to obtain an arrest warrant. Rafe calls Chad telling his voicemail that Clyde’s alibi fell apart and they’ve issued an arrest warrant.

DiMera mansion: Chad takes a gun from the DiMera safe as EJ walks in. Clearly distressed, Chad tells EJ that Clyde Weston killed his wife and he’s going to make him pay. EJ wants to help, but Chad tells him to go to hell.

Belle arrives and lets EJ knows that Clyde is marrying Nancy. He informs her that Clyde is also the person who murdered Abigail. Belle tries to call the police, but EJ says he’s going to end Clyde himself. EJ lost everything because of Clyde and it ends now. He goes to the safe to retrieve Stefano’s gun. Belle begs him to think about what he’s doing. He opens the gun-free safe and realizes that Chad took the gun.

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Abigail’s grave: Clyde stands outside of Salem City Hall (is that a new set front?). Just then, Chad comes up behind him with the gun and forces him to go with him. They arrive at Abigail’s headstone and Chad demands that he LOOK AT IT! Why did he put her in the ground? Clyde says he didn’t do it and has an alibi. WRONG ANSWER! Clyde had better start talking before his ear drums are shattered by Chad’s anger. Clyde capitulates and says he’ll tell him the truth. Abigail wasn’t the person he meant to kill. It was Belle?! EJ told Belle about his history with Clyde after he was warned to keep his mouth shut.

Flashback: Clyde arrives at the DiMera mansion and EJ answers the door. Clyde planted a bug in the house, which is how he found out EJ betrayed him. EJ also told Belle that if he ever told their secret he would take revenge on his entire family. He also heard EJ threaten Clyde, but Belle talked him out of it and said she would figure out a legal way to bring Clyde to justice.

Salem City Hall: Craig, Chloe, and Brady arrive to an empty waiting room. Chloe is ready to bolt when Jada and Rafe arrive. They quickly tell the confused group they think Clyde killed Abigail and stabbed Sonny. Chloe freaks out when Nancy arrives wondering where Clyde is. Nancy feeds Rafe and Jada the information Sonny told Justin. Chloe tells Nancy that Clyde’s alibi for Abigail’s murder fell apart and Jada confirms. Rafe calls in an APB on Clyde. They all exit leaving a very confused and distressed Brady behind.

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-EJ thinks they should look for Chad themselves. Belle tells a very frustrated EJ that she wants to call Shawn Douglas. He reluctantly agrees and they leave together.

-Nancy arrives at the Kiriakis mansion and tells Bonnie that Clyde never showed up for the wedding, but the police did - with a warrant. Nancy tells her the whole story about Clyde killing Abigail and stabbing Sonny. (Bonnie and Nancy as friends are kind of gold.)

-Clyde explains to a raging Chad more about the night of the murder.

-Flashback: Chad arrives back at the DiMera mansion, but neither Belle nor EJ were there.

-Chad is about done with Clyde’s stalling and points out a freshly dug grave as a possible source of motivation. 

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