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Days of Our Lives Recap: Jennifer Takes The Wheel With a Hallucination of Abigail Riding Shotgun

Days of Our Lives Recap for September 27, 2022
Jennifer Rose Horton, Days of Our Lives

Cady McClain

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

Alice Horton’s Living Room: Jennifer Rose stares at a picture of Abigail while taking another pill. She quickly hides them when Jack arrives. He went to the police station to see Leo Stark. Jack thinks Leo is innocent. He talked to Leo and doesn’t believe he is their daughter’s killer. Jack calls Shawn Douglas to tell him his suspicions. Shawn D. lets him know that Clyde is the one they are after now.

JRo is skeptical because they already cleared Clyde. No one is safe. Jack suggests they go to the police station together. She tells him to go (likely because she wants to take more pills). He doesn’t want to leave her when she doesn’t feel well. She convinces him to go because Doug and Julie are upstairs.

Jennifer Rose begins to talk to Abigail’s picture. Just then, Abigail appears. JRo wonders if she is an angel. She continues to talk as Abigail remains silent. JRo decides she’s been sent to just listen to her. She tells Abigail she started taking the pills again just to get through the day. She’s becoming desperate for Abigail to speak when they both look down and see blood on her dress. Jennifer Rose goes to hug Abigail and she disappears leaving her despondent.

Salem PD: Leo is dramatically singing the Salem Prison Blues when Gwen arrives. She tells him he was wrong about Craig setting him up. It was Clyde Weston. He wonders what Clyde had against Abigail. Gwen wonders why he cares since he’s going to be free soon. They review how they both previously played each other and now they are even. They make up for setting each other up for murder. Gwen says to make it up to her maybe he can help her figure out what to do about her pill-popping stepmother.

Gwen that she caught Jennifer Rose with the pills, and was threatened if she told Jack. She wants to help JRo because Jack deserves to know. Leo thinks Gwen has lost her edge and needs to look out for number one. He thinks when JRo goes off the edge Jack will need someone to lean on.

Jack arrives at the police station just in time to see Gwen. They catch up about Leo and Clyde when Gwen strangely worries that Jack left Jennifer Rose home alone. Jack knows Gwen isn’t telling her the whole truth.

Gwen admits to Jack that Jennifer Rose is taking prescription drugs. She saw her when she went back into the house to get her purse. Jack can’t believe what she’s saying. Gwen blabs that JRo threatened her if she told him. Jack gives a look that says, “if you’re lying then so help me…” and makes his exit.

Kiriakis mansion: Bonnie tries to comfort Nancy when she tells him that Clyde is actually guilty of stabbing Sonny and murdering Abigail. Nancy berates herself as Bonnie struggles to comfort her. She pours her a drink and reminds Nancy that Clyde is a criminal who fooled a lot of folks. She doesn’t want Nancy to let Clyde and Craig take anything more away from her

Abigail’s graveside: Chad continues holding Clyde hostage with his rage and a gun. Clyde’s intention was to strangle Belle, but then he ran into Abigail.

Flashback: Abigail sees Clyde in the hallway. He tells Abigail that he’s there to see Chad about a business deal. She wonders why he’s there so late and why he’s wearing gloves in June.

Clyde says that everything would have been hunky dory if Abigail just hadn’t asked so many questions. Clyde goes on at Chad’s insistence.

Flashback: Clyde explains he burned his fingers on the oven at The Pub. Abigail wonders why every crook she knows decided to pay her a visit that night and goes to call the police. Clyde follows her into the bedroom and tries to stop her when he spots the knife Leo left behind.

Clyde wants to stop talking, but Chad screams at him to TALK!

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Flashback: Clyde crosses the room and grabs the knife, telling Abigail to put the phone down. The thought of going back to prison has made him desperate. Clyde won’t let Abigail do to him what she did to Ben. She reminds Clyde that he is the one who beat Ben as a kid which, led him to becoming a killer. Clyde counters that Ben was fine until Abigail cheated with Chad and passed the baby off as Ben’s. Like a tennis match, Abigail comes back at him and says it was Clyde that switched the paternity results and set everything into motion (good use of history).

Abigail now looks visibly nervous as she eyes the knife. Clyde seals her fate by telling her about having EJ shot a decade back. He came to the mansion to pay EJ back by silencing Belle. They aren’t around, so EJ’s sister in law will have to do.

Clyde doesn’t understand why Chad would want to hear the end of the story, but Chad pushes him forward.

Flashback: Abigail and Clyde fight and he stabs her. She crawls on the bed to get away and he moves towards her. Abigail is now unconscious and Clyde begins to clean up the room. He grabs the knife and leaves.

Chad demands to know if Clyde enjoyed killing his wife.

Salem City Hall: Belle, EJ, and Shawn D. arrive at City Hall to see that no one is there. Belle wants EJ to tell Shawn D. the whole story - which makes Shawn D’s ears perk up. They tell him that they think Chad has Stefano’s gun and has gone after Clyde. Shawn D. leaves and tells Belle to keep EJ there.

Shawn Douglas returns with the camera footage from outside City Hall showing Chad leading Clyde away with a gun.

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-Clyde explains he framed Leo since that little “pansy” who hurt Nancy deserved it. When Leo’s revenge book appeared, he knew he had the opportunity. By a process of elimination, Clyde decided to take out Sonny.

-Flashback: Clyde leaves a note at Titan with Sonny’s name crossed out.

-Nancy doesn’t know how she’s going to recover from this humiliation. Bonnie can relate as she gets judged everywhere she goes, but not by Justin. Nancy will have that, as well.

-Jack returns to Alice Horton’s living room to find Jennifer Rose gone and a bottle of pills on the floor.

-Jennifer Rose is behind the wheel of a car with her vision of Abigail beside her. She declares that she’s going to make Clyde pay and  get justice.

-Gwen comes out of the police station and stares wide-eyed as headlights quickly begin to light her path.

-Chad holds the gun to Clyde’s head as Clyde taunts him. He doesn’t have the guts to shoot an unarmed man. Just then, Clyde reaches for the gun and they struggle. The gun flies out of Chad’s hand and Clyde wrestles Chad to the ground, strangling him. Just then, a gun fires and Clyde falls to the ground - it’s EJ.

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