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Perkie's Observations: Suspicions About Dex Grow Following Diane's Attack on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for September 27, 2022
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General Hospital

Evan Hofer

On today’s General Hospital recap: Nina questions Sonny about the guardianship and he mentions that Diane is filing a continuance. Sonny gets a call from Alexis about Diane and heads to the hospital.

Sasha and Gladys discuss Brando, and Sasha mentions how she's completely alone with no family. Gladys disagrees saying they became family when she married Brando. Gladys says they need to start making arrangements for the funeral, while Nina does her best to reassure them.

Gladys calls the funeral home, but it declines Sasha's credit card because there is a hold at the bank. They all realize that Brando would have been in charge of all purchases. Nina's quick to offer her card to use, though Sasha gets overwhelmed and starts crying. Gladys is thankful for Nina's presence and help.

Portia tells Curtis that Diane was brought in and is being operated on. Jordan interrupts, asking Portia for information on Diane's case. Jordan reminds her of the need for discretion in regards to minor details.

Portia tells Jordan that Diane's case is similar to Ava and Brando's though the wound was more precise. Jordan figures it means the hooker is perfecting their technique. Portia mentions the same venom was found. Finn got the anti-venom and had it administered while Diane was in surgery.

Curtis tells Portia that things are still off with Jordan, and things were not solid between them. Portia remembers Jordan talking about truth-telling and what she mentioned about Trina's father. Portia confronts Jordan.

Sonny gets to the hospital and Curtis gives him the update that Diane is in surgery. The two put their differences aside.

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Carly is shocked when Drew shows up in Florida. The two discuss Brando and Carly is briefly worried about her children, though they are protected. She wonders why Drew showed up and he says he's offering her support since he knows how she feels about Jacksonville.

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Carly tells Drew that Virginia's body may be moved and she's trying to fight it. She says she hired a lawyer and filed an injunction, but has no legal standing since she's not a resident. Drew offers to stay and make a stink with her. Carly is grateful for his support.

Dante questions Dex, who invokes his right to a lawyer. Dante pushes and Dex insists he found Diane bleeding. He says Sonny told him to lock up after Diane left, but he was outside and didn't see anything, which makes Dante think he's lying.

Dante brings up the picnic and Charlie's, and how he was on the scene of all three attacks. Dex says he gave help to Ava and Diane, which hopefully saved their lives. Dante tells him to call his lawyer, but Dex calls Sonny for help.

Trina tells Josslyn that she's happier than she's been in awhile with Spencer out of the picture. The foursome enjoy their night throwing axes until Jordan calls Rory and tells him about the attack on Diane. He asks him to guard her room at the hospital. (Why am I sooo suspicious of Rory now?! I'm checking his body stature, trying to read between the lines of everything he says. It's exhausting being a couch detective!!)

Rory tells the others about the latest attack on Diane and how a suspect was brought in. Josslyn asks who it was. Rory tells her this person was questioned before and was at all three crime scenes. Josslyn remembers Dex telling her that Dante had questioned him.

Josslyn heads out, so Cameron and Trina discuss how she's still angry with him for keeping Spencer's secret. Trina says she won't hold a grudge, but it will take her time to get over it. Cameron says he was stuck between two people he cares about.

Dante is surprised when Sonny shows up at the station, but he says he's there for Dex. Dante mentions Dex was at the scene of the crime and Sonny admits he asked Dex to lock up after Diane was done. Dante points out that Dex was at the scene of all three attacks and asks Sonny how well he knows Dex.

Sonny questions Dex, who swears that he's innocent even though he was at all three crime scenes. He asks if Sonny believes him, but Jordan interrupts. Sonny asks if Dex is under arrest, then leaves with him when the answer is no. Jordan and Dante agree that something's off with Dex.

Josslyn heads to the station and wants answers from Dante about Dex. Dante tells her that he left with Sonny. Sonny gets all creepy angry with Dex. 

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