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Perkie's Observations: Nikolas Works Overtime to Win Over Ava's Trust on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for September 26, 2022
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Nikolas Cassadine, General Hospital

Marcus Coloma

On today’s General Hospital recap: Diane lays on the floor of the garage in a pool of her own blood.

Alexis and Gregory discuss the case and who would have targeted Brando. The two head to the garage where they find Dex kneeling over Diane's body. Dex says he called paramedics and is trying to stop the bleeding.

Finn interrupts Terry and Britt to talk to Terry about the latest with Liz. Terry's happy that Liz is looking into her past.

Cody calls Britt to change where they can meet, but Britt refuses. When Britt shows up, Cody again tries to change venues, then admits he's squirrelly because the Scorpio brothers are keeping an eye on him.

Felicia and Mac join Robert for a meal, but are distracted when they spot Cody at the bar. Mac gets a call about the latest victim and the brothers head out.

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Felicia interrupts Britt and Cody to say hello. Cody goes off on her about Mac and Robert investigating him because he's the new guy in town. Cody thinks it's more personal for Mac. Felicia tells him to speak with Mac about Dominique.

Anna and Valentin warm up by the fireplace at her home. The two discuss Charlotte being in danger because of Victor and the things both would do to protect those they love. The two start kissing, then move to the bedroom where sexy time happens.

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Ava says Nikolas can't buy her trust, but he says the letter is proof of his love. Ava opens the envelope. The note says Nikolas is responsible for Esme's disappearance and death. Nikolas says he made the confession to protect Ava, but it doesn't sway her. Ava says she hurts everyday because of his betrayal and will need more from him. Ava wants him to read the confession while she videotapes it, which he does. Nikolas is certain she's softening to him.

Mac gets to the garage and is not happy to see Dex. Gregory vouches for Dex because he found Diane and called paramedics. Mac questions why Dex was there. Alexis advises Dex to answer all of Mac's questions truthfully. Dex refuses to talk without a lawyer present. Mac insists on getting answers and when Dex refuses again, Mac has him taken to the station.

Diane is brought into the hospital where Gregory explains to Finn about finding her at the garage. Robert says all victims lead back to Sonny. Diane is taken into surgery and Alexis decides she can't stand around waiting and wants to write another article.

Terry gets test results that the same poison that killed Brando is in Diane's system. He gets the shipment of anti-venom and tells Terry that there is a chance he can save Diane.

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