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WATCH: Sharon Osbourne on The Talk Exit: "I Was This Lamb Slaughtered" (VIDEO)

Sharon Osbourne's FOX Nation documentary series Sharon Osbourne: To Hell & Back debuted on September 26. In the program, Sharon Osbourne looks back on the controversy surrounding her The Talk exit. Osbourne appeared on Fox & Friends to discuss her four-part series and reflect on her departure from the talk show.

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Co-host Brian Kilmeade discussed America's so-called obsession with "cancellation" and added Osbourne was sticking up for pal Piers Morgan, who had criticized Meghan Markle, rather than slamming Markle herself. Osbourne opined of Morgan:

He is deemed a racist and that's not fair. And I said, 'Well, you know,  that's nothing to do with that.' He knew Meghan for a long time, so he's talking from experience. 

In a preview clip from the show, Osbourne stated:

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I was this lamb slaughtered that morning, and CBS denied responsibility.

Co-host Ainsley Earhardt stated that, as a British woman who has worked in America for a long time, Osbourne has an understanding of race relations in both countries. She asked if Mrs. O thought Americans were "obsessed" with race, to which Osbourne responded:

I think the world is right now, to be honest with you. I really do. And some of it, I totally agree with, and the younger generation is fighting back for their dignity, for their rights, what they feel is their rights, and so it's like, Okay, fine. But it doesn't deem you a racist if you don't agree with the way they're going about it, so everybody is entitled to their own position, their own opinion. So if it's your opinion, fine. You don't have to beat me up, fire me, you know, try and destroy my life because of the way I feel. Not that I feel anything about it. I'm just like, 'Don't ask me. I know nothing. I'm old.'

Back in March 2021, the Duchess of Sussex mentioned in her Oprah Winfrey interview that she had struggled with suicidal ideation and depression, in part due to racist coverage of her in the media. On his talk show Good Morning Britain, Morgan declared he did not believe Markle.

When challenged by other anchors on those comments and others, he departed the set mid-segment. On The Talk and on social media, Osbourne defended Morgan; on the show, she faced off with Sheryl Underwood and demanded Underwood explain how what Morgan said was racist.

Check out Osbourne's Fox & Friends interview below.