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The Young and the Restless Recap: Victoria Takes a Hard Stand Against Chelsea's Manipulations

The Young and the Restless Recap for September 27, 2022
Victoria Newman, The Young and the Restless

Amelia Heinle

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap:

Abbott mansion: Allie rushes to get ready to work, but Noah wants her to stay. They talk about how the club opening went. They join Kyle and Summer, who are talking about their impending vow renewal in the living room.

Chancellor-Winters: Lily tells Billy that Audra was a good choice to streamline the IPO. Lily asks about Johnny and Billy says he's angry and upset. He doesn't want to know who his bio mom is. Lily assures him it's a lot to process. Billy questions his decision and wonders about Chelsea's motives. Lily tells him about how she felt when she went through the same thing.

Chelsea comes in and thanks Billy for helping her with Victoria. Billy tells her he know it's the right thing, but for the moment is regretting talking to Johnny. Chelsea assures Billy she won't force herself on Johnny, but she wants Billy to give him a blanket she had when she was pregnant with him. Lily takes the blanket. Billy tells her she's overstepping and tells her it's ultimately Johnny's decision. After Chelsea leaves, Lily offers her support to Billy.

Victoria's office: Nate interrupts Victoria's thoughts to inform her the IPO is a go. He says no one suspects anything because no on really expects much. Victoria advises Nate to keep an eye on Audra. She questions if this is really what he wants to do and Nate tells her it is. Nate adds he doesn't think it's a betrayal, but a vision for the future.

Chelsea pops in to talk to Victoria. She thanks Victoria and says they can slowly nudge Johnny along in the direction of accepting her. Victoria surmises it's more about what Chelsea wants and says it's what she thought would happen. Victoria reiterates they will do what Johnny wants and there will be no nudging along.

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Jabot: Diane comes in bearing pastries as a peace offering to front of Jack. Phyllis accuses Diane of making a calculated move by giving her the gift at just the right time. Diane reminds Phyllis of how they almost lost their jobs and Phyllis brings up whether or not she knows if Nikki is in LA.

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Just then Phyllis gets a text to keep Diane distracted. Phyllis says there's nothing Diane can do to mend fences, but admits she's tired of their constant battling. Diane's not buying. Kyle and Summer walk in when Phyllis is rambling about meeting Diane halfway, then sealing the deal with a very awkward embrace.

Summer takes Phyllis into Jack's office and gives her a thank you hug. She appreciates Phyllis making an effort. Phyllis says she just doesn't trust Diane, but can't harbor all her hatred. Phyllis adds that secrets have a way of coming out and she won't have to do one damned thing to make that happen.

Crimson Lights: Allie is sharing a coffee break with Noah. The two talk about past relationships versus what they have now. 

Victoria comes in and Audra introduces herself and talks Newman business. Audra offers to take Victoria to lunch because she wants to get to know all the big players in town.

Society: Jack, Diane, and Kyle chat about Phyllis' attempt to reconcile. Kyle dips out for a meeting. Jack brings up LA and wonders if there's a story he doesn't know about. Diane holds strong that Nikki couldn't turn up anything even if she tried.

Diane gets a text that someone is in Genoa City and they have to meet ASAP. Jack looks befuddled when Diane makes a hasty exit. Meanwhile, Diane looks a wee panicked when she steps outside.

Nate's: Elena's avoiding Nate because no matter what she says it leads to an argument. Elena wants to know exactly what Nate has accomplished in such as short time. He admits nothing, then blames it on Devon. Elena reminds Nate that it's Devon's company and he can do what it wants. She warns that Nate will end up hurting everyone around him. Elena wants to take some time apart.

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