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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Ridge Accuses Brooke of Calling Out Thomas' Parenting Skills

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for September 28, 2022
Ridge Forrester, The Bold and the Beautiful

Thorsten Kaye

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap:

Forrester Creations: Finn interrupts a meeting between Steffy, Paris, and Zende. He notices Steffy's tense and wonders why. Steffy reveals that she and Brooke butt heads over Thomas and Douglas. Steffy complains to Zende how Brooke is tearing Thomas down as a father. Charlie comes a-callin' for Zende and he leaves with Paris.

Steffy whines to Finn about Brooke and how she takes, takes, takes from their family. Finn assures her she's doing the right thing standing by Thomas and says Brooke will come around.

Brooke's: Hope, Liam, and Brooke talk about the changes Brooke sees in Thomas, but Hope doesn't want to escalate things. Liam disagrees, especially if Brooke's right. Brooke hates the thought Douglas being trapped with the Forresters.

Brooke says she was worried about Thomas with the knife, but Hope tries to calm her concerns. Liam's worried that Thomas cutting Brooke out of Douglas' life is a concern they're not addressing. Brooke runs down the checklist of creepy Thomas deeds, including the Hopequinn. Liam points out that Hope is the only one Thomas asks over to see with Douglas. Brooke has grave concerns with Thomas as Douglas' main parent.

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Forrester mansion: Ridge and Thomas are surprised when Child Protective Services (CPS) wants to check on Douglas. Thomas asks if someone called them, but the officer says if they have nothing to hide, Thomas will allow them in. 

Douglas says he's safe and loves being with his dad. The officers want to speak with Thomas. Ridge tries to butt in, but they tell the Forrester men they're only there to make sure Douglas is okay. They reveal there was an incident with a knife and want to see it. Ridge asks if someone called them and blusters about what a great father Thomas is. 

Thomas returns with the knife and plays up how he'd be so upset if anything happened to Douglas with it. He turns it over the the CPS officers to take it away, while pleading his case. CPS thanks Thomas for cooperating and they leave. 

Ridge doesn't want this visit on Thomas' record. He wants to know who made the call. Ridge has a flashback about his conversation with Brooke and calls her in front of Thomas.

Brooke is surprised by CPS' visit and asks if Douglas is okay. Ridge says he knows Brooke has concerns about Thomas and asks if she made the call. Brooke doesn't look happy with her wayward husband's accusation.

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