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General Hospital's Nancy Lee Grahn Unveils Memoir Excerpt

Nancy Lee Grahn, General Hospital

General Hospital's Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis Davis) is getting ready to release her memoir. The actress, who has appeared on GH for 26 years, teased a bit of the book on her official Facebook page. 

Grahn posted an excerpt from the anticipated volume, in which she delved into her character's complicated backstory. She wrote:

My mother, Kristen Bergman was a famous opera singer whose throat was slit by my father’s wife, Helena. Unhappy with the turn of events, I hurled my frail 75 year old stepmother off a five hundred foot parapet slamming her onto jagged rock only for her to walk away unscathed. Even more determined, I shoved her off a thousand foot cliff into the frigid subzero ocean, Helena not only survived unscathed, she apparently scaled 1000 feet up the cliff and continued to wreak havoc on Port Charles. I also have two brothers. Stefan who grew up as my cousin, and Stavros who came back from the dead after being frozen for 15 years

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Grahn added:

Eventually I got pregnant with my daughter’s father’s brother and recovered beautifully from a C section with a butter knife and no anesthetic. Luckily there was a fishing line handy to suture me up. I was happily married with two children who were both sisters and cousins, until I remembered that I had a grown daughter that I gave up for adoption thirty years ago. I was 12 at the time. We met on a Monday, she moved in on Tuesday and by Wednesday she slept with my husband and destroyed my family.

After sharing a bit of her character's story, Grahn told fans:

The enormous love & gratitude I have for ABC and Disney for allowing me the privilege of working for them is immeasurable. But the real truth is without the support from all of you, this day would not be what it is. As always, I see you and thank you. 

Read the complete excerpt and message from Grahn here.