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Perkie's Observations: Portia Defends Herself Against Jordan's Accusations on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for September 28, 2022
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Portia Robinson, General Hospital

Brook Kerr

On today’s General Hospital recap: Portia accuses Jordan of insinuating herself in Curtis' life and making him doubt her. Jordan counters that Portia is doing that on her own. Portia's tired of Jordan's jabs and orders her to say what she's thinking. Jordan asks if Curtis is Trina's father, but Portia tells her to stay out of her business.

Jordan says Curtis and Trina deserve the truth, but Portia turns it back on Jordan. She demands to know if she wants Curtis back. Jordan says she and Curtis are still married, so there are issues to deal with there . Jordan points out that Portia didn't deny Curtis being Trina's father, which means she's hiding something.

Portia insists that Taggert is Trina's dad. Jordan brings up what Portia told her in the basement last year and how she's looking into genetic counseling. Jordan says Portia is worried that Trina has inherited Curtis' family history of schizophrenia and Portia can't marry Curtis with this secret over her head. Portia believes Jordan will go to Curtis if she doesn't tell him first.

Curtis finds Ava making a lap around the nurse's station and tells her about Diane's attack. Trina finds them and wants to talk with Ava, but Curtis warns her that she can't walk around town alone.

Taggert walks up after parking the car and Curtis realizes he was being a giant tool. Curtis and Taggert discuss the case and the victims. The two want Trina out of town, but know she won't leave now that she's been reinstated at PCU. The two think they need a plan to keep Trina safe.

Trina tells Ava that Cameron knew for a while that Spencer knew the truth and says it bothered her that he kept it a secret. Trina then complains about Curtis and how he treats her like she's twelve. Ava defends Curtis

Curtis tells Ava she needs to fire Trina to keep her safe. He's worried Trina will get caught in the crossfire if the hooker seeks out Ava to finish the job. Ava summons Trina and tells her they can't work together anymore.

Spinelli runs into Cody on his way out of Maxie's apartment and refuses to let him see her. Cody tells Spinelli to stay out of his way or he'll spill the secret about the dating app.

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Cody interrupts Maxie and Austin. He casually calls Maxie "sis" so she assumes that he spoke with Mac, which he hasn't. Cody wonders if she also believes that Mac is his father. Maxie tells him to talk to Mac, but he wants more information.

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Maxie gives him the Cliff Notes on Dominique and Mac's past, and swears Mac didn't know that she had a baby. Austin stands by with an interesting look on his face when Maxie mentions Leopold Taub. Maxie tells Cody he would be lucky to have Mac as his father. (Yes, but Mac wouldn't be lucky to have the con artist hobo as a son, so there's that.)

Sam and Michael wait for news on Diane's surgery. Michael is surprised to hear that Dex was at the garage with Diane. Sam questions where Dex was while Diane was being attacked.

Spinelli and Sam make small talk while waiting for news on Diane. Talk turns to Maxie and Austin, and how Georgie is not getting along with Austin. Spinelli is still upset over losing Maxie, then brings up Society Setups. Sam insists on knowing the truth and Spinelli finally admits he's behind the dating app.

Josslyn talks to Dante. She wonders why the hooker targeted Brando in the alley and not her since she also has a connection to Sonny. Josslyn says she remembers hearing metal jangling. Dante tells Josslyn that Brando also said he heard metal clinking and how Dex wears dog tags. Josslyn remembers Dex wearing them when he was at the pool, but insists Dex wasn't in the alley. Josslyn then wonders if it's possible that Dex was hiding in the alley and went after Brando.

Sonny is having Dex roughed up because he's angry with Dex. Sonny calls him a liar, but Dex swears he told Sonny everything. Sonny doesn't believe him and points out that Dex was in the area of all three attacks.

Dex says he's not a killer and he tried to save both Ava and Diane. Sonny wants to know why Dex started working for him. Dex claims he admires Sonny and wants to learn from him, but Sonny thinks Dex will use it against him.

Sonny wants to know why Dex was at the Quartermaine's the day of the picnic and Dex remembers a meeting with Michael that day. Dex says he won't confess to something he didn't do. Sonny brings in one of Selina's enforcers, to "convince" him to talk. Dex swears he didn't stab anyone.

Michael confronts Sonny, pointing out what all three victims have him in common. Sonny says he's handling things, so Michael asks if he knows who the killer is. Sonny says he has his men working on the case. Michael mentions how Dex was brought in and Sonny released him. Michael wants to know what Sonny's plans are regarding Dex.

Sonny says it doesn't concern Michael since he wants nothing to do with him anymore. Michael says the victims all have Sonny in common and insists on knowing what's going on with Dex. Sonny wants to know why Michael is so interested.

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