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Roark Critchlow Dishes Teaming Up With Cady McClain on Days of Our Lives

Roark Critchlow

Days of Our Lives' Mike Horton (Roark Critchlow) is coming back to Salem! Critchlow spoke to Soap Opera Digest about reprising the popular role and working with Cady McClain, who now plays Mike's sister Jennifer.

Critchlow mused:

My first scenes are with Susan [Seaforth Hayes, Julie] and Bill [Hayes, Doug] and I was nervous. You get back in there and you just feel … it’s not like a heavy weight, but it’s a heritage. To be able to work with people who have been at it as well and as long as they have? We actually had a couple of lovely scenes. It was like the people that you knew from 20 years ago or whatever. It was not just the characters going, ‘Oh, hi. Hey, Mike, you’re back. It’s good to see you.’ ‘Oh, it’s great to see you, too.’

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Of working with McClain, he shared:

It’s funny with actors, right? It was really fun because we were getting to [know each other]. You have to drop into a level of intimacy that you would normally share in real life with someone you’ve known your whole life. In the soap opera, Jennifer is someone I worked with my whole career there, so it’s virtually the same thing. Her character is going through a lot. She and I dropped in really easily, I felt. It was a very nice, natural care for each other. It wasn’t difficult, that’s for sure. Obviously, Missy [Reeves, ex-Jennifer] is a super-duper person. But you don’t compare people. Cady and I chatted. We got on good. In terms of the story, I thought we pulled it off nicely as being people who’ve known each other their whole lives.

Now residing in British Columbia, Canada, Critchlow was happy to pop back to Salem. He dished:

It was a pleasant surprise, but it’s hard to explain. I’ve been back twice, I think, since I left the show. It is just an unexpected pleasure when it happens.