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Days of Our Lives Recap: Chad Says Goodbye to Abigail Who Encourages Him to Look Forward

Days of Our Lives Recap for September 29, 2022
Chad DiMera, Abigail Deveraux, Days of Our Lives

Billy Flynn, Marci Miller

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

DiMera mansion: Stefan is grateful to EJ for bringing Abigail's killer to justice. EJ wants his help to bring Johnny over their side.

EJ wants to know why Dr. Rolf kept him on ice for so long and assumes Kristen was involved. Stefan agrees she was, but says his memories are hazy regarding other people who were present. EJ gets a text that Stefan's shares are restored and they head out to see Gabi.

Allie and Chanel's: An almost-nekkid Johnny is asleep on the couch when Chanel comes in. She enjoys the view until Johnny wakes up. Allie greets her brother with a good morning and a goodbye.

Johnny wants to stay until he finds his own place, but Allie wants him out today. Chanel sides with Johnny, who wonders if Allie's worried about Chanel succumbing to his half-nekkid charms. Johnny leaves for a shower.

Allie admits she feels thrown off by Chanel keeping her brother around. Chanel gets mad that Allie isn't sold on the choice she's made. A towel-clad Johnny returns and Chanel tells him to stop tormenting his sister. Johnny admits he doesn't know where he'll go, but packs up and leaves.

Later, Chanel looks at Allie and says she wants her, then kisses her.

Salem Inn: Li visits Chloe to see how her family's doing. He offers his sympathy about Nancy's wedding and admits wedding stories make him nervous, especially now that Stefan's alive. Chloe tells Li she's in love with Brady, but would have a hard time taking Stefan back since he cheated on her with Gabi. She tells Li she won't come between Gabi and Stefan. 

DiMera Enterprises: Ava busts in on Gabi and asks if Stefan's really alive. Gabi tells Ava that Stefan wants her shares and no longer wants her. They start counting up shares and Ava doesn't think they can count Johnny on their side. Ava tells her about what happened between them and EJ. Gabi encourages her to chase Johnny down.

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Li returns and tells Gabi he missed her the night before. He says he understands the problems she's having with Stefan, but loves her and still wants to marry her. Enter Stefan. Gabi explains to Li that Stefan and EJ are trying to oust her as the DiMera CEO.

Stefan declares he won't give up on Chloe and tells Gabi to move on with her life. Stefan tells her that he will be filing divorce papers. EJ comes for the shares. Gabi says she's still the CEO and kicks the DiMera men out.

Abigail's grave: Chad arrives with flowers and starts to talk with Abigail. She appears and wants to know how Chad feels now that he knows who killed her. Chad admits he feels empty inside. Abigail tells him to let go of his anger and guilt, but Chad says he doesn't know how to go on. Abigail takes his hands and says he has to keep living. She tells him to be grateful.

University Hospital: Nancy comes to see Clyde. She wants to know if anything between them was real. Clyde says he told her many times that he loved her. Nancy reflects on why she allowed Clyde into her life and realizes her neediness since Craig left her. Nancy wonders if Clyde would have killed her next. Clyde tells her she's special and says he wished he hadn't hurt her. He wonders if Nancy could forgive him.

Horton Square: Johnny runs into Ava, who says Allie booted him out. Ava offers to keep him at the Salem Inn and he accepts. EJ rolls up and invites both Ava and Johnny to move back into the mansion.

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-Nancy tells Clyde he needs forgiveness from the DiMera and Kiriakis families, not her. She says she will pray for him and leaves.

-EJ says he wants to reconcile, especially after what happened with Clyde. He apologizes to Ava for how he behaved when she thought she saw Jake. Johnny and Ava agree to talk it over.

-Stefan drops in on Chloe while bearing a bouquet of flowers.

-Abigail encourages Chad to keep pushing forward. Chad tells her how she lives on in their children. They kiss goodbye and then she's gone. (Was she ever there?)

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