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Perkie's Observations: Sonny Questions Michael's Involvement With Dex on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for September 29, 2022
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Sonny Corinthos, General Hospital

Maurice Benard

On today’s General Hospital recap: Portia demands to know if Jordan will blow up her engagement by telling Curtis about Trina, but Jordan says it's up to Portia to tell him anything. Portia insists that Taggert is Trina's father and doesn't want to blow up anyone's lives.

Portia's desperate that nothing changes, but Jordan says Curtis could find out the truth on his own and that he doesn't deal well with secrets and lies. Portia tells Jordan to stay out of her business but Jordan warns her again that Curtis will be upset if he finds out on his own.

Dante tells Jordan that he doesn't think Dex is their guy since he would have been covered in blood with both Ava and Diane. He tells Jordan that Josslyn heard the same metallic sound in the alley, which could have been Dex's dog tags. Dante says he got a search warrant to search Dex's apartment, but thinks the timing is off for it to be him.

Trina is upset about being let go, but Ava says she's temporarily closing the gallery until the person is caught. In exchange, Ava managed to get Trina into an internship with PC's Museum of Fine Arts. She says Curtis was the one who set it in motion and should be thanked.

Trina's not happy with the way Curtis went about it and tells him that she's not accepting the internship. Trina complains that he didn't ask her first and Curtis acknowledges her concerns. He says it's not safe until the killer is caught. Trina says she's an adult and can make her own decisions, especially since he's not her father, which Portia overhears. Curtis says he only wants to keep Trina safe and that becoming her stepfather comes with responsibility.

Marshall tells Curtis that he'll be doing music therapy with hospital patients. Ava wants a change of scenery, so Epiphany wheels her out to the lobby where Marshall plays his clarinet for her.

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Cody says he doesn't want a cop for a father, but Maxie tells him to give Mac a chance. Austin gets a cryptic message and heads out, just as Mac and Felicia arrive. Mac and Cody discuss possibly being father and son, but Cody continues to be a dumbass until the women step in. Cody talks about his difficult childhood, but the women say he could do worse than being a Scorpio. Felicia and Maxie advocate for finding out the truth and getting a DNA test.

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Spinelli tells Sam that he violated the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. Spinelli says he was lost after losing Ellie and Jason, and he didn't have any luck on the existing dating apps. He says he wrote an algorithm that created perfect matches, but he needed access to everyone's information and managed to hack into everyone's lives.

Sam tells him to shut down Society Setups right now. Spinelli says people are grateful and happy thanks to him. Sam questions the algorithm regarding the match between Britt and Cody, and Spinelli admits that Cody forced him to do it. He doesn't believe Cody's reasons were on the up and up.

Mason summons Austin, who says he has a job to do tonight. Austin says he's done and all his debts have been repaid, though Mason disagrees. A patient comes in and Mason tells Austin he knows what to do (wish I knew what Austin is supposed to do).

Sonny reminds Michael he didn't want him in his life, but he's going to make sure everyone is safe. Sonny says he'll make sure no one else bleeds and doesn't care if it offends Michael's delicate sensibilities (got a hearty chuckle out of that one).

Michael says he can't put the blame on some random stooge working for him, but Sonny questions why Michael thinks Dex is innocent. Michael denies knowing Dex, but says he puppy-dogs around Sonny, so it would make no sense he would kill Brando. Michael says it will leave the family vulnerable for the real killer.

Josslyn shows up looking to see Dex. She says Dex was there to help her when she found Ava. Although he was at all three locations, she doesn't believe he's the killer.

The Carver spends so much time yacketing-yacking about what he plans to do to Dex, and taking breaks with Frank, that he doesn't actually get to any actual Dex-carving. Sonny shows up and puts the torturing on hold until he can figure things out. 

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