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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Brooke is Implicated By a Forrester Connection at Social Services

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for September 29, 2022
Brooke Logan, The Bold and the Beautiful

Katherine Kelly Lang

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap: 

CPS Blues: Ridge is berating Brooke about the possibility she called Child Protective Services (CPS). Thomas comes up behind him and eggs him on. Brooke is stunned he could thinks she would do such a thing.

After hanging up with Brooke, Ridge tells Thomas she denied making the call. He has no time for Brooke’s denial and accuses her of lying. Ridge yells at him to stop as Brooke is his wife.

Suddenly, Thomas remembers that Walter, who used to work at Forrester now works at CPS. They could reach out to him to see if he could tell them who made the call (For the love…).

Brooke’s: Liam arrives thinking Hope is there. She won’t divulge everything going on, but he rightfully assumes it’s about Thomas and Douglas. He wishes they could go get Douglas and bring him home. They both agree that Thomas is still potentially dangerous and can’t believe how long Douglas has been over there. Brooke finally tells Liam about Ridge’s accusations around the CPS call.

Aspen getaway: Taylor is contemplating her life when Steffy arrives home. Taylor says she doesn’t think she is up for another round of battling Brooke for Ridge. Steffy tells her to have patience, but Taylor is unwilling to be a consolation prize. She refuses to do the same thing to Brooke’s marriage that Brooke did to hers (!!).

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Bill calls Steffy to say he is putting the Aspen house up for sale and wanted to give her a chance to buy it. Steffy hangs up and asks Taylor if she wants to go to Aspen. It’s time for them to get away for a bit.

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Ridge called Walter who arrives within minutes (it must be next door to the Forrester mansion). He tells Walter the story of the CPS officers. They want to know who made the phone call. Walter rightfully explains he can’t do what they ask.

Ridge rages and Thomas says it would be a personal favor. Walter stupidly agrees as long as no one tells on him. He picks up his phone, realizes he has grabbed his personal phone, and retrieves his work phone.

Within seconds he has Douglas’ file, which was closed the very same day (which would never happen) and pulls up the recording. He plays it aloud and it’s Brooke - speaking in an oddly robotic way - reporting that Douglas is in danger and Thomas has a knife.

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