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Judge Judy Sheindlin and CBS Get Rebel Entertainment Partners' $95 Million Library Suit Tossed

Judge Judy

Judith "Judy" Sheindlin and CBS have come out victorious against Rebel Entertainment Partners. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Kristin S. Escalante green-lit the motion filed by Sheindlin, along with CBS and Big Ticket Pictures, to toss the two-year-old suit. 

Deadline is reporting that, while the $95 million suit was tossed on Wednesday, Rebel is planning to appeal the ruling. Rebel sued Sheindlin and CBS, claiming the pair cheated the company out of profits when she bought and sold the rights to Judge Judy's library to CBS.

Bryan Freedman from Freedman + Taitelman LLP, the law firm representing Rebel, told the trade site:

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The judge found that despite CBS’s consistent denial that a sale of the Judge Judy library had never occurred, CBS’s own financial records showed that not to be the case. Given that fact this matter will be decided in the court of appeal. We are confident that the court of appeal will rule in our clients favor.

Sheindlin, who is known for not mincing words in her courtroom, had no comment to Deadline.