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Days of Our Lives Recap: Dr. Rex and Dr. Rolf Work Separately to Develop an Antidote

Days of Our Lives Recap for September 30, 2022
Rex Brady, Days of Our Lives

Kyle Lowder

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: 

Dr. Rex to the Rescue: Kate is asleep when Roman arrives to check on her. He’s brought Rex along to make her feel better! She’s despondent because she keeps feeling worse and worse. Rex assures her the doctors are working on it and he has looked at her labs. Rex is almost positive that she is being made sick by a man-made pathogen.

Roman pops in and says Orpheus was pardoned the same day as Dr. Rolf. They make a quick joke about how the crazed doctor had engineered the births of Rex and Cassie (I miss Cassie). Rex thinks it’s possible Kate, Kayla, and Marlena have been infected with the same pathogen that made Roman sick 25 years ago (good to remember that Rex is actually a genius).

Rex reminds us that Roman was exposed to a rare toxin that required a specific antidote. Kate agrees, reminding Roman that Orpheus continues to blame him for his wife’s death. Rex is going to find Roman’s medical records from long ago and compare them to Kate, Kayla, and Marlena’s.

University Hospital: Steve is at the hospital when Stephanie arrives. She's furious that he couldn’t bother to tell her. Steve says they don’t know if any of the women are going to make it. He explains that Orpheus is responsible yet again.

They go to see Kayla, who is coughing and sneezing all over the place. She wants to check on Marlena, but Steve says he will and leaves Stephanie to visit with her mother. Stephanie wants to call Joey and Tripp, but Kayla doesn’t want her to bother them. She asks Stephanie to call them, but put a positive spin on her illness. She calls Joey and tries to soften the blow. She puts him off when Kayla doesn’t want to talk to him. Kayla is trying to be strong for everyone, but Stephanie tells her she doesn’t need to be strong for her.

John is in the chapel praying about how they got through the Devil, but now they need to get through Orpheus. Brady arrives and reports that Marlena is sleeping. John says they need to find a cure or there’s no hope. They shift topics and Brady catches him up on the custody hearing.

John and Brady see Steve in the lobby. John wants to throttle Dr. Rolf. Steve tells him that he’s already done that and it won’t do any good. Rex arrives and tells them he might have an answer to what’s going on.

Birthday Romance: Chloe finds Stefan on the other side of her door with a bouquet of flowers. He came to wish her a happy birthday. He wonders what her plans are, but she has none. He is stunned that he’s the only one to remember her birthday. She thinks it’s understandable as her family has been to hell and back. Stefan wonders what Brady’s excuse is and she explains about Marlena’s illness. He apologizes for being overbearing and promises to back down. She feels sorry for him and doesn’t want to make him feel awkward. They agree to just be friends. He still wants to give her the gifts he brought - champagne! He also brought orange juice so they can enjoy mimosas! Stefan toasts Chloe and they drink, just as Brady arrives.

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Dr. Rolf’s Laboratory: Dr. Rolf is concocting a potion when Kristen dramatically storms through the door. She needs him to stop what he’s doing and fry Chloe’s’s small so it won’t take much time. She’s furious that Chloe foiled her plans to gain custody of Rachel. Together they will stop that “homewrecking whore” once and for all. He outright refuses. She explains how he is currently in the DiMera’s good graces and he should want to remain there. Dr. Rolf doesn’t want to return to prison and neither should Kristen. She explains the Salem police are too stupid to catch her. Dr. Rolf doubles down saying she’ll have to do her own dirty work.

Kristen slinks over to Dr. Rolf and asks him to be reasonable. She reminds him just how expensive his work is and maybe an infusion of cash would help convince him. When that doesn’t work, she invokes Stefano’s name. Dr. Rolf finally tells her that he is busy working on trying to fix what Orpheus started. He tells her how Marlena, Kate, and Kayla have the same illness that almost killed Roman Brady all those years ago.

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-Brady is disturbed by what he sees. Chloe explains that Stefan knows she’s in a committed relationship and he’s there to celebrate her birthday. Brady is disappointed he forgot and asks Stefan if he can be alone with his girl. Brady is irritated that Stefan just showed up at their door and didn’t call. He updates her on Marlena. He’s worried she might not make it.

-Rex shows Steve and John test results. The infection in the women is very similar to what made Roman sick 25 years ago. John says it was Dr. Rolf who made the cure from a very special orchid.

-Stefan arrives at the DiMera mansion and chats with Stefano’s portrait. He needs to be patient to win back Chloe’s heart.

-Stephanie remembers that Kayla rubbed her back when she was sick. She now provides that service for her mother (their chemistry is gold).

-Roman tells Kate that Rex is into the hospital system. He has confidence that a cure is forthcoming. Kate doesn’t know how much longer she can hold on. Roman urges her to hang on for him and her kids.

-Kristen wants to know why Dr. Rolf held on to the toxin. She explains that if anything happens to Marlena, Rachel would be devastated. She remembers that Dr. Rolf also created a cure. Can he do it again?

-Dr. Rolf says he’s been working around the clock on something else - which he will show her. It's an orchid which is the key to curing Kate, Kayla, and Marlena.