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Perkie's Observations: Victor Implores Nikolas to Help Spencer in Pentonville on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for September 30, 2022
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Victor Cassadine, General Hospital

Charles Shaughnessy

On today’s General Hospital recap: Valentin and Anna wake up in the afterglow of their night together, and get right back down to the sexy business. Later, he gets a text from Charlotte. She misses and loves her father. Anna reassures him he'll see Charlotte again and they'll bring her home together.

Victor heads to Pentonville and is shocked to find a disheveled Spencer. Spencer says while he's protected by Victor's people, he is still being harassed verbally. Victor wants to talk to the warden, but Spencer worries it will make things worse.

Spencer asks about Trina and admits none of his friends have come for a visit. Victor feels badly for him and offers to get a message to Trina. Victor mentions Nikolas, but Spencer doesn't want anything to do with his father.

Alexis is happy to find Gregory at the hospital waiting for word on Diane's surgery. She mentions the op-ed piece and is hopeful it will draw out the killer.

Nikolas accuses Finn of going behind his back to discuss private matters with Ava and how it will cost him. Finn counters that Nikolas lied about his alibi and to stay clear of Liz. Nikolas blames Finn for Liz being all messed up and Finn goes after him, just as Alexis and Gregory show up. Finn complains to his father about Nikolas and says he doesn't trust him.

Alexis drags Nikolas away while Gregory talks to Finn. Alexis reminds him that Diane is in surgery, so Nikolas apologizes. Alexis worries about her article and how she could have made things worse.

Liz is getting Ava's discharge papers ready. Ava thanks her for telling the truth about Nikolas' lack of alibi. Liz says she knows Nikolas and Ava are having trouble, and mentions that Nikolas has had some dark times, but is capable of love and devotion. Liz believes Nikolas is in love with Ava.

Liz runs into Gregory, who tells her that Finn cares for her. Liz asks Gregory how well he knew Finn's wife Reiko.

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Sonny tells Nina he believes the killer is targeting those closest to him and isn't sure Alexis' most recent article was a good idea. Sonny is hopeful the attacks won't happen much longer and Nina wonders if he knows who the hooker is. Sonny says he's working on it.

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Nina asks about Michael's visit the night before, but Sonny says there's been no thaw between them. Nina tells Sonny about Sasha's financial issues and is worried about her state of mind. Nina mentions she's heading over to see Ava, and the two get into it about Nikolas and Ava's marriage. Nina thinks they're good for each other. The two share a kiss until they're interrupted by Selina.

Selina offers her condolences for Brando's passing. She offers her assistance during these trying times. Selina mentions that Chase will perform at The Savoy tonight. After Nina leaves, Selina questions whether Sonny can keep her safe.

Selina points out that he's the connection between all attacks and that could be bad for business. She says her resources remain at Sonny's disposal, which he's thankful for. Selina mentions there will be a poker game tonight. Sonny reminds her that Chase was a cop and the place will be full of cops. She asks if he wants a seat at the table, but he declines.

Brook Lynn tells Chase he needs to be in peak form for his performance. The two of them go over the plan to get one over on Linc. Chase hopes things happen quickly so he can go back to being a cop. The two make out, but Brook Lynn stops it so they can get to work.

Chase is looking for Nina to thank her for putting in a good word to Curtis about the gig. Sonny says Nina never had a chance to speak with Curtis so Chase wonders how he got the gig. Sonny remembers talking to Selina and figures she was the one to influence Curtis.

Nina runs into Anna and Valentin, and congratulates them on being together. She talks to Valentin about Charlotte and asks him to have her reach out next time he talks to her. Valentin tells Anna that Nina might be the key to their problems with Victor. Anna doesn't want to put Nina in danger, but Valentin says she wouldn't be. He thinks Nina can get access to Charlotte.

Victor finds Nikolas and tells him that Spencer needs a visit from him, but Nikolas says Spencer doesn't want to see him. Victor tells him to step up as a father.

Nina wants Ava to come stay with her, but Nikolas interrupts. He says that Ava is coming home with him. Ava says she's not going with him because she's not ready to live with him again. Ava says she's going to be staying with Nina.

Spencer gets attacked in the prison library. 

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