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Perkie's Observations: Spencer is Rescued by Cyrus on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for October 3, 2022
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General Hospital

Nicholas Chavez

On today’s General Hospital recap: Finn tells Alexis and Robert that Diane is out of surgery, and the anti-venom has worked. Robert asks to see her as soon as she wakes up.

The inmate continues to attack Spencer, upset that Spencer took his job in the library. Cyrus interrupts, spouting religious quotes. Spencer wonders what Cyrus wants from him now that he saved him from a beating. Cyrus reminds him they're family, but Spencer disagrees. Spencer believes Cyrus orchestrated the beating and doesn't believe his uncle has changed. Spencer says he can take care of himself, but Cyrus disagrees and says he'll be there if Spencer needs him.

Dante questions Sonny on Dex's whereabouts. Kristina interrupts and tells Sonny that her new bodyguard is scaring away her customers. She wants Dex reassigned to her. Kristina thinks Dante is behind it and he says Dex needs to be ruled out as a suspect. Sonny says she has to trust whoever is assigned to her until the killer is caught.

Josslyn is concerned when she can't reach Dex. She tells Trina about he went missing after leaving the police station. Trina doesn't understand why Josslyn is so interested in Dex. Trina tells her that Ava closed the gallery for now because Curtis pulled some strings. Trina says she won't be taking the fellowship that Curtis set up for her.

Josslyn brings up Spencer. She says that she and Cameron may visit him and wonders if Trina wants to go along. Trina thinks she should leave things alone.

Kristina and Josslyn talk about the case and Dex. Kristina tells her that Dante is suspicious of Dex, which is rubbing off on Sonny. Josslyn decides she needs to find Dex in case Sonny's after him.

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Liz tells Gregory that Finn doesn't talk about Reiko with her. Gregory admits he never met her since it was when he and Finn were on the outs. Gregory says Finn has moved on and is happy with Liz.

Finn tells Liz about his argument with Nikolas and she apologizes for his assery. Gregory tells Finn that Liz was asking about Reiko and thinks she's feeling insecure.

Sasha heads over to the Deception offices and asks Maxie for help finding an outfit for Brando's funeral. Sasha says she misses Brando and doesn't know what to do now. Maxie goes over what needs to be done, one step at a time, and promises that people who love her will help her through it.

Drew tells Carly about Diane's attack and she wants to head home to check on her kids. Drew disagrees, believing that Sonny has everyone protected and safe. Carly agrees to stay put. The two discuss their strategy on winning their fight to save Virginia's grave. Drew wonders if Carly is ready for people to dig into her past and what they'll find. Carly believes she has nothing to hide.

Dante tells Sonny they searched Dex's place and didn't find anything, including Dex. He wonders what Sonny knows, but Sonny denies anything. Dante gets the call that Diane is out of surgery and the two head to the hospital.

At the hospital, Robert tells them he's waiting for Diane to regain consciousness. Robert points out how all the victims have Sonny in common and wants to find this person before they do it again. Sonny says he wants the same thing.

Dante tells Robert he thinks the killer could be Dex. Josslyn heads to Pozzulo looking for Dex, but finds the Carver. 

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