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Days of Our Lives Recap: Leo's Blackmail Scheme Falls Flat After Gwen and Jennifer Bond

Days of Our Lives Recap for October 4, 2022
Leo Stark, Days of Our Lives

Greg Rikaart

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

Kiriakis mansion: Nancy got a plastic highlighting cap on her head, thankful that no one can see her. Enter Craig, with flowers. Craig admits Bonnie called him, but Nancy's not so sure she wants to see him. Craig apologizes for everything that happened between them.

Nancy questions a reconciliation, despite the lack of romance. They talk about what it would be like to be together again, without the risk of getting hurt by someone else. They realize giving up on romance is not in their best interest. They say a tearful goodbye and agree to meet again in the future.

Cemetery: Doug and Julie visit Laura's grave after dropping flowers at Abigail's. Julie laments the loss of Hortons in such a short time. Mike comes by and Julie greets him with a warm hug. Mike tells Doug and Julie he's there to help Jennifer get into rehab.

Horton house: Leo tells Jack that Jennifer ran Gwen down. He wants restitution in the form of a check with several zeros on it to make it go away. Jack deduces that Gwen doesn't know Leo's there. Jack tries to brush Leo off and tells him it was an accident. Jack agrees to get the ball rolling on a one million dollar settlement.

Julie finds Leo camped out on the couch waiting for Jack, and she's not happy. When Julie brings up what happened with Abigail, Leo decides it's time to talk about Jennifer.

University Hospital: Jennifer pops in on Gwen. She asks if Jennifer if she's there to finish the job. Jennifer apologizes for what she did to Gwen and claims it wasn't deliberate. Gwen wants to know why Jennifer left her, but she has no answer. She says just remembered an hour ago and rushed to see her. Jennifer admits she was high and hallucinating about Abigail when she hit the gas pedal instead of the brakes.

Gwen says Jennifer hit her on purpose because she told Jack she was taking pills. Jennifer says she didn't know at the time that Gwen talked to him. Gwen's been down this road with her own mother. Addicts are cunning and they lie. Jennifer tells her she will do right by her and turn herself in.

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Gwen stops her and says she cares about her. She says she will tell the police she doesn't know who hit her. Gwen explains she wants Jennifer to follow through on what her mother couldn't. Jack interrupts their conversation and tells them what Leo is up to. Gwen tells Jack not to give him a penny because without proof, Leo has nothing.

Julie's Place: Chad is helping Stephanie edit a corporate announcement. She explains she's been distracted because of her mother and worries about losing clients. Enter Paulina. She tersely reminds Stephanie that the election is one month away and she's losing polling numbers.

Chad pipes up and tells Paulina to cut Stephanie a break because her mother's in the hospital. Paulina backs off, but asks why she didn't delegate any work or tell her what was happening. Paulina apologizes to her when Stephanie agrees to refocus. Paulina offers her condolences to Chad, who she just met. After Paulina leaves, Chad offers to work for Stephanie and she accepts.

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-Jack returns to the house and Julie leaves Leo to him. Jack tells Leo that Gwen's not talking and kicks him out.

-Jennifer comes home. She and Jack talk about her grief and addiction. Jack offers to help her.

-Gwen reads Leo for filth over the phone and he apologizes for interfering in her relationship with Jack. He comes face to face with Craig outside of the pub.

-Mike and Nancy run into each other in Horton Square.

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