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Andy Cohen to Jerry O'Connell: "You Are Carrying 'The Talk' on Your Back"

Andy Cohen, Rebecca Romijn, Jerry O'Connell, Watch What Happens Live

Andy Cohen had high praise for Jerry O’Connell's work on The Talk. During a recent appearance by O'Connell and wife Rebecca Romijn on Watch What Happens Live, the Bravo exec shared his thought on the actor's daytime work. 

Per Yahoo! Entertainment, Cohen told O'Connell:

I have to say, I have been noticing all day, Jerry—because I saw you this morning, too— you have been hunched over all day. And I know it's because you are carrying The Talk on your back. Honestly. 

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I'm sorry but CBS should quadruple your salary... .

O'Connell broke in to insist he loves everyone at The Talk, before Cohen added that "there is one person" carrying the show. O'Connell awkwardly interjected:

I am currently employed there. They're all my friends.

Cohen opined that there is no The Talk without O'Connell, who replied that he had to see his co-workers in a mere six hours.