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Perkie’s Observations: Victor’s Threats Push Nikolas to Divorce Ava

General Hospital Recap for October 4, 2022
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Victor Cassadine, General Hospital

Charles Shaughnessy

On today’s General Hospital recap: 

The Carver tells Josslyn he's the restaurant's chef and stops her from snooping around. Josslyn (hypocritically, I might add) invokes Sonny as her stepfather, but it doesn't sway him. Josslyn claims he'll regret being so rude to her and storms out.

Valentin wants Michael to leave Aurora and return to ELQ full time. Michael brings up Ned and Valentin is certain he can handle him. Valentin says he has outside projects that he needs to deal with, though he wants to retain the CEO position with Michael's help. Josslyn interrupts and tells Michael she thinks Sonny is holding Dex and will kill him. 

Josslyn drags Michael to the restaurant and he turns into his usual blowhard to the Carver. Michael says Josslyn will look around until she finds Dex and he invokes Dante's name as well. He warns the Carver that police will arrest him and Sonny will turn his back on him. Josslyn finds Dex and cuts him down, but The Carver stops them from leaving.

Carly tells Drew about Reese's car accident and sleeping with her father. Blah, blah, blah, yada, yada, yada, Drew absolves her of blame. (I know I should be impartial when writing these recaps, but holy moly I don't care about these two and their nonsense. I despise Sonny with the heat of a thousand suns, but I would rather rewatch a repeat of Nixon Falls than this drivel).  

Ava pays Ryan a visit to make sure he's still locked in. She tells him all about her attack, then brings up Esme and how terrible she was. Ava says Esme disappeared at the end of Trina's trial and is glad she's gone because she was so disturbed. Ava says no one will ever see Esme again and Ryan has a small reaction.

Diane is off the ventilator and Robert wants to know what she remembers of the attack. Diane goes through everything, but the last thing she remembers is talking to Sonny.

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Sonny's upset that Robert is questioning Diane, but TJ and Dante tell him that Diane is tough. Dante is hopeful that Diane can ID the attacker and Sonny is determined to get justice for her. Dante warns Sonny not to go after whoever the killer is. 

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Robert summons Dante and Sonny into the room for Diane to continue her memories. Diane remembers looking for the guardianship papers in Brando's office and reading them in the garage. The next thing she remembers is seeing Dex, but then clarifies she saw him when she briefly regained consciousness.

Diane goes through the events again until she remembers seeing the attacker, who was a woman. Diane doesn't remember what she looked like or hair color, but when Dante asks about sounds, Diane remembers she was wearing bracelets that jangled when she raised the hook. 

Diane is determined to try and remember the woman, but TJ says it won't do her recovery any good to force it. He says it will come back to her in time. Robert and Dante are happy with the new information about the killer. Dante thinks Sonny might not be the connection at all. Robert worries this means the attacks are random. 

Sonny shows up at the restaurant to find Josslyn, Michael, Dex and the Carver. (Ruh roh!)

Victor tells Nikolas he needs to divorce Ava, but Nikolas refuses. Victor says he doesn't have a choice in the matter, but Nikolas disagrees and says he won't be intimidated. Victor brings up the fact that Ava didn't return to Wyndemere, but Nikolas says it's only a matter of time before they're back together. Valentin arrives and hands Victor the note from Nikolas to Ava. 

Victor reads the note aloud and he's not happy about it. Nikolas says he did it to protect Ava and Victor says his obsession with Ava is jeopardizing the family. Victor says Ava could easily have given the note to the police, despite Nikolas' claims that she loves him too much for that

Victor continues to insist on the divorce, while Nikolas continues to insist otherwise. Victor threatens Nikolas' life so he finally agrees to the divorce.

Esme is watching and listening from the sidelines. (I love Avery Pohl, and I knew Esme wasn't dead dead, so I had a hearty little chuckle when the figure cloaked in black appeared in the background of the Cassadine men. Loved that they showed us her face. She's baaaack!! And I for one, am looking forward to the shenanigans.)

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