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WATCH: Kelly Ripa Dishes Setting Record Straight About Regis Philbin (VIDEO)

Andy Cohen, Kelly Ripa, Watch What Happens Live

In her memoir Live Wire: Long-Winded Short Stories, Kelly Ripa candidly discussed the ups and downs of her relationship with Regis Philbin. The Live with Kelly and Ryan co-host appeared on Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live, where she further elaborated on her discussion of Regis.

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In the book, Ripa addresses the way she was treated at Live. For example, she had no dressing room, office, or paid maternity leave. She told Cohen:

Everything changed incrementally and so I have to say this was a sign of the time. I didn't have maternity leave at All My Children, either, so it was just a sign of the times. The other things were more sort of alarming because those are sort of basics that were treated as these special privileges. I don't know.

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Ripa also tackled Philbin's claims he wasn't invited back to Live and that he and Ripa never spoke after his departure. She shared:

I wish that I had set the record straight in real time. I really trusted the people around me, all of my advisors. My advisors? I don't even know what that means. People keep telling me to take the high road; take the high road; take the high road; you know the truth; it doesn't really matter; don't engage; it's not a big deal; people say all sorts of things that aren't true; why do you even let it bother you?; who cares? And by letting it hang out there, I mean, I still get—I mean, there are people that are like, 'I will never read this book because all you do is trash Regis.' And it's the opposite of that. I don't trash Regis. 

She added:

As a woman, we are often told to take the high road and that is woman speak for 'shut the f*** up.' That's what it is and that's what that means.

Watch the chat below.