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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Ridge and Taylor Rethink Their Destinies

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for October 5, 2022
Ridge Forrester, The Bold and the Beautiful

Thorsten Kaye

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap: 

Destiny? Ridge is pondering his destiny, but doesn’t know what it means anymore. He’s thinking of both Brooke and Taylor when a pine cone comes out of nowhere, and smacks him on the head.

For The Love, Steffy! Steffy and Taylor are in Aspen pondering if they should buy Bill’s house as a hideaway. Taylor thinks she should find a new path forward. Steffy is good with that, as long as it doesn’t keep her away from the WASH, RINSE, REPEAT of considering Ridge as an option while he is still married.

Taylor (having the same conversation in Aspen she has in Los Angeles) tries to tell Steffy she can’t continue to have these same conversations with a very married Ridge. She needs Steffy to stop encouraging this foolishness. She won’t give up on the foolishness and Taylor is FINALLY at her wit’s end. She can’t possibly be second choice and left broken-hearted once again. Steffy steps off the relentless train and apologizes.

Chez Logan: Brooke and Liam are hanging out together wondering where Hope is. Brooke thinks she is still tied up in a meeting with Thomas. Liam is not cool with the use of the words “tied up.” Liam thinks they should march over to Forrester and interrupt what might be going on with Thomas and Hope. Brooke diffuses the situation saying they should push aside all the tension and reconnect with their partners.

Liam tries to get onboard with Brooke, but informs her there are nights where she is actually spending the night at the Forrester mansion to remain close to Douglas. Brooke is AGHAST! She says she will always support him because he has a future with Hope the same way she has a future with Ridge.

Inappropriate Bonding: Hope and Thomas are at Forrester discussing the “trauma” that must have been induced by CPS showing up at the mansion (the horror!). She’s glad everyone is ok since she knows the call must have been unfounded. Thomas is positively giddy that Hope trusts him not to abuse his own son, again.

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Hope asks if she can come by later to visit Douglas. Thomas says it’s cool and she should bring Beth. (In what world should Thomas EVER be allowed to be around Beth?!?!?!). They talk about what they want to be able to talk to each other about sensitive CPS BEING CALLED! They agree they are a pretty good parenting team .(Ugh, I loathe where I think this storyline might be going.)

They quickly switch to a conversation about Hope For The Future - agreeing that their collaboration on the line is a success. Thomas says he will always give his best to her and her line. They agree to get back to work and Hope begins looking at Thomas’ designs. Suddenly, it’s time for Hope to leave. She grabs her stuff (creepily looks back at Thomas) and exits.

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-Steffy calls Thomas and relays things are not going so well with the Parent Trap plan at Camp Aspen. They must put their Wonder Twin powers together and figure another out another legitimate way to beat this very dead horse! They are both stunned that they haven’t actually heard from daddy Ridge.

-Brooke is calling Ridge to say she has a night for the ages planned for them.

-The camera pans across a rocky lake with Taylor looking around thinking of her magical Monaco kiss with Ridge. Just then, Ridge arrives as if from a dream (or a nightmare). They stare at each other as the camera fades…

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