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Days of Our Lives Recap: Allie Seeks Will’s Counsel on Relationships and Threesomes

Days of Our Lives Recap for October 6, 2022
Allie Horton, Days of Our Lives

Lindsay Arnold

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: 

Homeless in Horton Square: Chanel sees a woman drop change into Johnny’s cup as if he is homeless. Chanel is freaked out and frantically promises to help. Johnny explains it’s all a misunderstanding. He has two offers on places to live - one with Ava at the Salem Inn or the both of them could go back to the mansion. Chanel understands that he wants to keep his options open, but isn’t giving up on Ava. She thinks the universe gave Johnny and Ava the opportunity to connect and they didn’t take it…maybe Ava and Johnny aren’t meant to be.

DiMera Brothers: EJ is pouring himself a drink and checking his phone to see if Ava has responded to his text. Stefan arrives and doesn't understand why EJ is freaked out. He explains their need to grab Ava and Johnny’s shares, and how he invited them both to move back in.

EJ wants to eject Gabi and her “sexy ass” out of DiMera. EJ says he can both hate her and appreciate her beauty. Stefan is repulsed by Gabi. EJ wonders why he’s still wearing his wedding ring. Stefan has no clue and mentions his adjustment after his four years on ice. EJ thinks he has unresolved feelings.

Sexual Tension Meter: Gabi and Ava are at DiMera when she receives a text from EJ. She says that he made her an offer and Gabi is panicked Ava is going to except. How could she possibly move back into the DiMera mansion? Gabi frantically picks up Ava’s phone to respond to the text. Ava grabs her phone and says she will make her own decisions. She’s also irritated that Gabi thinks she is that easily manipulated. As soon as she finds out that EJ also invited Johnny to move back in, Gabi does an about face and insists that Ava return to the mansion.

Gabi doesn’t understand why she wouldn’t want to move back into the mansion with all its amenities. Ava kind of agrees, but is still hesitant. Gabi wonders if her hesitancy is because she might be interested in EJ more than Johnny. Gabi says she has an amazing sexual tension meter, and recognizes the heat between Ava and EJ. Ava thinks she’s projecting because of the situation with Stefan. Gabi rails at the situation and correctly thinks that Dr. Rolf did something to Stefan’s brain. She doesn’t know how to move on with Li without closure.

Awkward Foursome: Jada is working away at the Salem PD when Rafe comes to announce it’s quitting time. He reminds her that she has plans with him tonight. She can’t believe he thinks Eric would be jealous (me neither). Neither of them have plans because their significant others are working tonight. Rafe changes his tune and thinks they should take food and surprise them at work.

Eric is on the phone with John, who is giving him an update about Salem’s poisoned divas. Nicole enters wondering what’s up. He explains it’s about Marlena and how all of it is tied to Roman’s history with Orpheus. He’s worried none of the women will make it. Nicole insists that she go with him to the hospital immediately. Eric explains that John thinks it’s best for everyone to steer clear for the evening. Nicole comforts Eric by explaining how amazing and wonderful and glorious he is. Just as they embrace, Jada and Rafe arrive. They quickly explain about the issues with his mom, and Rafe and Jada uncomfortably say they understand. Eric says he’s lost his appetite and exits with Jada.

Rafe and Nicole finish their dinner, and enjoy their time alone. He notes the conference table on which they were just eating was the original table on which they originally connected.

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Jada and Eric return to his place and she tries to comfort him. They kiss and begin to comfort one another horizontally.

Will and Allie Talk Threesomes: Allie opens her door and sees Will. She’s somewhat disappointed when she realizes it’s not Chanel. Will explains he has to go back to work in Los Angeles despite their families health crisis. He’s going into pre-production on a new project (could we possibly have another Christmas movie or Beyond Salem coming?).

Will asks about Chanel and she explains how they’ve been arguing about Johnny. Allie is overreacting and over analyzing everything. Will thinks she’s being insecure. She explains that she’s still getting used to being bisexual and them both being attracted to men…she’s confused. Allie admits she still thinks about Tripp sometimes, but really loves Chanel.

All of this leads to Allie admitting she’s considering Alex’s threesome offer because maybe it’s what Chanel needs. Will is clearly thrown, but supportive. Allie pushes and asks if he and Sonny have ever had a threesome. Will stumbles and says he’s not comfortable discussing this topic without Sonny (c’mon Will, enquiring minds want to know!). Will does say as long as everything is consensual, there’s nothing wrong with it.

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-Johnny sees Ava as she is about to enter the Salem Inn. They discuss the constant texts from EJ. Johnny has decided to move back into the mansion. Ava explains that she has come to a similar decision.

-Gabi is yelling at her investigator who has yet to locate Dr. Rolf. Just then, Stefan arrives. He talks with her about the wedding ring. He takes it off and gives it back because he doesn’t want any reminders of their marriage or of her at all.

-Allie is pouring wine when Chanel returns home. She explains about her conversation with Johnny about Ava. As she goes on about how Ava is wrong for Johnny, Allie is seething. She downs her glass of wine and says she thinks they should have a threesome with Alex.

-EJ is expressing his gratitude to someone on the phone when the doorbell rings. It’s Johnny who has agreed to return to the mansion. EJ wonders if he’s heard from Ava, just as she makes her presence known. 

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