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Perkie's Observations: Ryan Wants to Keep Ava Safe But Esme Has Her Own Plans on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for October 6, 2022
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Ryan Chamberlin, General Hospital

Jon Lindstrom

On today’s General Hospital recap: (The role of Brook Lynn is temporarily being played today by Brianna Lane).

It's Chase's debut night at The Savoy. Chase wants to pick Dante's brain about the current killer case, but Brook Lynn reminds him that he's there to sing and shouldn't be distracted. Dante tells Brook Lynn there is a chance Jordan can get Chase reinstated in the next few weeks. Brook Lynn worries that it's too soon.

Brook Lynn tells Maxie about Chase possibly going back to the PCPD. Maxie says Chase makes a better cop than rock star and Brook Lynn claims she wants what Chase wants.

Curtis goes over some final details with Chase, who asks if he misses being a cop. Curtis says he does, but is happy with the nightclub. Chase admits he's not really into being a singer and is only doing it because he has no other job right now. Chase says he would drop the singing if he could, but doesn't want to disappoint Brook Lynn. Curtis tells him to be honest with her.

Trina complains to Portia about Curtis and how he's not her father. Portia says Curtis knows he overstepped, but she couldn't have gotten through these months without him. Portia says Curtis didn't raise Trina, but loves her.

Trina tells Curtis that she understands why he did what he did. Curtis says he cares about her and Trina accepts that, but tells him not to go behind her back again. The two share a hug.

Finn and Liz join Yuri and Terry at The Savoy. The doctors talk shop and Finn explains his medical background to Yuri. He mentions changing specialties after losing someone to an infectious disease, and Liz questions and needles him about it.

Terry drags Liz away to ask why she's being so hard on Finn. Liz tells Terry about Reiko and how her family could be responsible for her death. Liz tells Terry about drawing the sketch, which turned out to be Reiko. She says Finn couldn't save Reiko and he's now trying to save her. Liz says she doesn't need to be saved and needs to know what happened to Reiko.

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Liz apologizes to Finn for going off on him earlier and wants details about why he changed specialities. Finn mentions a fellow doctor who was bitten by a snake, but he couldn't save him. Liz is surprised since she thought it had to do with Reiko and says he never talks about her. Finn admits he closed off after Reiko died, but will share anything with Liz.

Cody hesitantly shows up at The Savoy for Selina's poker night. She's not happy he might flake out on their deal. He wants to play legitimately. Selina says he owes her, and to do as she asks or else. Maxie runs into Cody, who's acting squirrelly, then is surprised to see him with Selina.

Curtis introduces Chase to the stage and he sings to the crowd.

Robert and Jordan go over the details of the case now that they know the killer is a woman. Oz interrupts to ask if they found Esme yet. Jordan says it's a priority and Oz reminds them they owe him for testifying to help Trina. Jordan says they can charge him with extortion for working with Esme.

Oz says he helped exonerate Trina and expects them to honor the original immunity deal or he'll sue them since he graduated from law school. Oz signs his immunity agreement and after he leaves, Robert and Jordan discuss the gray areas of law enforcement.

Ryan says he thought Esme was dead, but she says she's back for revenge. Esme angrily tells him how Ava tossed her over the parapet and left her for dead. Ryan counters she got even by hooking Ava and accuses her of the attacks, but Esme says she doesn't know Brando. Ryan says while she's allowed to go after Sonny's family, she can't touch Ava. Esme denies having anything to do with the attacks.

Ryan wants to know if Esme is planning on completing their original plan. She says she has a new weapon in her arsenal, which will drive Ava into his arms. We're not privy to the plan, but Ryan praises her for it and the two cackle in glee. (My guess: there's a Cassadine bambino cooking in Esme's oven.)

Esme says she can't put their new plan into motion without food and a roof over her head. Ryan asks about her trust fund, but Esme says she can't access it while the police are searching for her. Ryan asks her to leave Ava alone once again. Esme says Ava will pay in time, but there are other scores to settle first.

Oz is hanging around the docks and gets hooked. (I'm guessing this one WAS Esme settling her score, while the others weren't. Was there a sale on hooks and black cloaks at Murderers Are Us?)

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