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Perkie’s Observations: Nina Looks on as Willow and TJ Embrace on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for October 5, 2022
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Nina Reeves, General Hospital

Cynthia Watros

On today’s General Hospital recap: Ava notices a slight uptick in Ryan's reaction when she mentions Esme and decides she'll let Kevin know about it before heading out.

Josslyn complains that Sonny ordered the Carver to torture Dex with knives. She also notes that Dante would gladly arrest his father. Sonny tells them Diane woke up and says her attacker was a woman. Josslyn is annoyed when Dex doesn't want to call the police and storms off.

Esme eavesdrops when Ava joins Trina and tells her about her visit with Ryan. Josslyn arrives as Ava gets the call from the PCPD that the attacker was a woman. Josslyn mentions how Sonny was ready to get rid of Dex, which surprises Ava. 

Sonny is not amused with the Carver's choice of weaponry and thinks it's not okay he was planning on using knives to get answers. Ava shows up to put in a good word for Dex because he saved her life. Sonny swears that Dex isn't in danger from him, but Ava wonders if he trusts Dex or if it's because the attacker turned out to be a woman.

Sonny explains why he thought it was Dex and Ava questions what he planned on doing to get Dex to confess. Sonny says he wasn't going to condemn Dex without proof, but also wasn't going to let him walk around with the possibility he harmed his family. Ava agrees, but thinks he found a valuable asset in Dex.

After Ava leaves, Josslyn complains to Trina that Sonny is the worst human in the history of humans. Apparently, Princess Hypocrite, who just invoked Sonny's name to the Carver, is now shocked, SHOCKED I TELL YA, about how mobster boss Sonny conducts his mobster business.

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Josslyn complains how she should have called Dante and had Sonny arrested, but neither Michael nor Dex wanted them involved. Josslyn doesn't understand why Dex wouldn't want to press charges and is hoping that Dex will be smart enough to leave town. Trina agrees it would be for the best.

Michael tells Dex he's stopping their arrangement because he didn't mean to put Dex in danger. Michael admits he was naive in not understanding how far Sonny would go. Dex refuses, saying they can use this to their advantage. Michael wants to get Sonny on organized crime charges, not some small potatoes assault charge.

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Dex says he can continue from the inside since Sonny knows he wasn't behind the attacks. Dex believes Sonny will want to make things up to him. He wants to see this through. Michael agrees, but warns him to stay away from Josslyn. Michael thinks Josslyn wouldn't agree with his plans and needs her to be there for the younger sisters once Sonny goes down.

Carly and Drew blah blah blah, talking to a reporter who promises the piece will air today. The reporter tells Drew that Virginia was a good woman, but Carly treated her like crap, but can look out for her now. Why am I keeping Sonny's last name? It's time to become someone else. (Can it be someone less hypocritical and annoying?). The reporter calls back that a story on Carly is out there.

Nina runs into Curtis and discusses her work with the hotel and how much push back she's getting from Carly's group. Curtis complains about Trina and how he tried to help her with the art fellowship.

Willow gets her latest test results showing nothing has improved and TJ questions what she plans on doing about it. Willow reminds him how her first trimester will apparently last 78 weeks and she's waiting until the second trimester before starting treatment. TJ tells her she needs to lighten her work load, but Willow doesn't want to hear it.

TJ backs off and says he just wants to be there for her as she needs it. The two share a hug, which Nina witnesses. Willow says it's the only decision she can make since she can't handle losing another child. TJ says he'll be by her side while she fights this.

Nina runs into Willow and pushes her buttons about working while pregnant. Willow says she's happy working despite Nina reminding her how she's carrying the next Quartermaine heir. Nina points out that Willow looks pale and thinks she is interested in something at the hospital. Willow denies it, but Nina says she witnessed the embrace with TJ and won't say anything to anyone.

TJ talks to Curtis about a "friend" in need and how he can't help them. Curtis tells him about Trina and the art fellowship. TJ reassures him that Trina cares for him and will accept him as her stepfather.

Esme pays daddy Ryan a visit. 

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