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GH's Eden McCoy on Joss and Dex: "So Many Reasons That it Can’t Happen"

General Hospital's Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy) is currently dating Cameron Webber (William Lipton). But anyone can see there is chemistry between Joss and mob employee Dex Heller (Evan Hofer). McCoy spoke to Soap Opera Digest about the teen's complicated love life.

McCoy shared of working with Hofer:

It’s been great! We just started working together so everything is still pretty new, but he’s really great and the material we’ve had is fun. It’s all about reading in between the lines with him and it’s a matter of working together to bring out that chemistry and the mystery of what both of the characters are both feeling, because they’re in a complicated situation. It’s fun to try to find those moments and those beats to play that aren’t necessarily written down. He’s so respectful, a total professional, and he gets along with everybody on set. I couldn’t ask for a better new scene partner. There’s definitely a physical attraction there, but there are so many reasons that it can’t happen, and I think those kinds of stories are almost the most interesting to watch.

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Meanwhile, Joss and Cam's relationship has changed. McCoy explained:

You know, a lot of stuff has happened with her and Cam that has affected the relationship. She’s dealing with trust issues because he knew this entire other side of Spencer [Nicholas Chavez] that he decided to keep from Joss. I don’t think things ever bounced back between them after the sex tape [was leaked]. You go through a trauma like that and dynamics change. They haven’t shared that same intimacy because I think Josslyn, and maybe Cam, still feels so scared and so violated and she associates being intimate with him with a scary thing now, which is really hard to deal with when you’re 19-year-olds in a relationship and there are so many unspoken wounds.”

Reflecting on Josslyn not telling her boyfriend about her Dex attraction, McCoy  added:

I think she does feel guilty about it, but I think she’s also a bit put out by Cam’s behavior. She’s constantly like, ‘Cam did this, so it’s fine that I’m doing that.’ I think it’s her natural tendency, because of her guilt, to try to justify her own behavior.