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Sherri Shepherd and Star Jones Reflect on The View Creator Barbara Walters

Star Jones, Sherri Shepherd, Sherri

Divorce Court's Star Jones stopped by Sherri on October 5. She and Sherri Shepherd discussed the legal ace's return to daytime televisionreuniting with the ladies of The View, and what they've learned from the show's creator, veteran journalist Barbara Walters

Jones told Shepherd:

I have to tell you, everyone wants to be a fly on the wall when we get back together. Because it’s really as if we have never left the table. We are gossiping with each other. We are trash- talking everybody else around us. We talk about Hot Topics … we still argue and disagree. The thing that makes it so funny is we have this ability to disagree without being disagreeable. We’ve never been disagreeable with each other on-air.

Jones also opened up about what she missed about Walters and mentioned how Ms. Walters could also cut up and talk trash as well. Jones stated:

We really miss Barbara because she could talk trash with the best of them … there’s ups and down on The View. We can talk about each other. Nobody else can. That’s how we do.

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Barbara talking smack? I like it. Watch the two chop it up below: