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B&B's Sean Kanan Weighs in on Deacon's Feelings For Brooke and Taylor

Sean Kanan, The Bold and the Beautiful

The Bold and the Beautiful's Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan) isn't hiding the fact that he wants to be Brooke Logan's (Katherine Kelly Lang) true "destiny" instead of Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye). Ever since Brooke's baby daddy returned to SoCal, he's been clear he wants to try and rekindle the romance he shared with her, but should he? Is there someone else he should try to take a chance at love with, say, Dr. Taylor Hayes (Krista Allen)? Kanan spoke with Soap Opera Digest recently to discuss who Deacon should really shoot his shot with. 

Do you think Deacon needs to move on from Brooke? He and Taylor seemed to share a spark. 

Deacon never had much of a relationship with Taylor but she came to Il Giardino and they started talking and laughing. Then he goes by her office and surprises her and in an unexpected turn of events, Deacon starts acting as her therapist. Of course, his rates are cheaper. But there was something fun in these scenes and I started doing my approximation of what I thought Sigmund Freud might talk like [imitates Freud] — ‘Yah. Yah. Tell me more about zees’ — so I did that silly thing and was making her laugh and they discovered an unlikely connection. It would be nice if that’s reconsidered. There are so many ways that could open up, too. Romantically, that would be nice but it would be interesting if they started having sessions and what we could learn about Deacon’s past. It could be stuff that even he doesn’t know about.

Is Brooke the one for Deacon? Or is it someone else? Kanan gives his thoughts.

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It’s got to be Brooke but I would love to see him resolve things with Bridget and I’d love to work with Ashley [Jones] again. There is a lot that Deacon needs to say to Bridget, and it would be interesting to see if all these years later they still had some feelings for each other. She would be understandably hesitant and rightfully so, and it would be incredibly complicated but hey, who knows?