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CSI Creator Anthony Zuiker to Launch Talk Show With Sinclair Television Group

Anthony Zuiker, creator of the CSI franchise, is bringing his talents to syndicated television. Variety reports that Zuiker has teamed up with Sinclair Television Group to create original content, some of which will come from Sinclair's archives of local news.

Zuiker said:

This is another post-COVID example of a paradigm shift in how content creators are going to get things on the air.

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Sinclair enlisted Zuiker to freshen up its daytime, afternoon, and evening content. Since big studios have focused on global direct-to-consumer platforms instead of producing as much first-run syndication programming, local TV stations are sometimes lacking for new content. He said:

We’ve got a pipeline problem. Talk shows and game shows have been on our air as long as we’ve existed. But we’re not getting them anymore from our old suppliers.

Zuiker, currently a writer for CSI: Vegas, will go to pilot on a talk show and a game show, as well as pursue opportunities for documentaries. Sinclair plans to sell syndicated shows to other stations and build docu-series from its own archives that can go to outside buyers. Zuiker will consult with Sinclair's news teams to amplify journalistic stories, especially when they have national relevance.

He added:

Now I find myself rather than running around town trying to convince a network or studio to back my idea, I finally have a family of financiers to get behind me and add value and get my ideas on the air immediately. It’s something I can’t pass up at this age.