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Perkie's Observations: Lucy Refuses Anna's Advice to Avoid Victor on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for October 17, 2022
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Lucy Coe, General Hospital

Lynn Herring

On today’s General Hospital recap: Carly snarks at Peyton about rubbing her nose in her win. Peyton apologizes and appreciates Carly's passion for Virginia, and asks for forgiveness. (Of course, because no one is allowed to stay mad at Ms Hypocrite for longer than a minute.)

Drew is surprised when Bobbie shows up on his doorstep. She says she came to support Carly. Bobbie thinks Carly isn't as strong as she's pretending and Drew agrees that Carly is stressed. Drew says he came down to help Carly because of their deep friendship. Bobbie is grateful that Drew is in Carly's life.

Drew finds out how the guild voted and heads out to find Carly, who's drinking her wine. Carly tells Drew about Peyton's apology, how she was ashamed of Virginia, and how hurtful it was. She has another plan.

Felicia and Mac let Scotty know that Mac could be Cody's father. They tell him Dominique could have been pregnant at Shadybrook. They wonder if Dominique would have confided anything in Scotty, but he says he knows nothing.

Mac mentions how Cody doesn't want to take a DNA test and Scotty tells them that he's bad news. Felicia says they need to give Cody time to adjust and they don't know him. Scotty reminds them that they need to be careful letting him into their family. Felicia reminds them Cody is Dominique's son and could have inherited good qualities from her.

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Britt accuses Cody of ghosting her and demands an explanation. Britt lets it slip that she knows there's a possibility that he's Mac's son and says she understands. Cody doesn't want to talk, but Britt pushes him.

Britt wants to know why Cody doesn't want to take a DNA test. Cody is worried since Mac is such a great guy and he has a dark past. He doesn't want to set himself up for rejection and says he'd rather not know. Britt says she understands since she's never been able to get out from her own father's shadow. She doesn't think he'll be able to live with not knowing the truth. Cody calls Mac to give the go ahead for the DNA test.
Britt confides in Cody that she has a box of personal effects from Peter that she received after his death. Cody offers to help her get rid of them.

Victor listens in as Lucy tells Anna that she told Martin she's working with Anna to get to Victor. Anna warns Lucy that Victor is dangerous and Lucy needs to get out while she can. Lucy says she's gone toe to toe with everyone and she can make it happen with Victor if Anna stays out of her way. Anna insists Lucy get out, but Lucy says Anna doesn't control her.

Valentin stops by to see Victor to complain that he hasn't seen Charlotte, but has done everything Victor has asked. Valentin says he has proven his loyalty and threatens Victor to get Charlotte back.

Victor says he'll arrange to let Valentin visit with Charlotte, but he has to leave immediately on his plane. Valentin balks, but Victor says these are his conditions to see Charlotte.

Valentin heads to Anna, where she tells him that Lucy will be a problem. Lucy shows up at Victor's hotel room. 

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