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Star Jones on The View Sisterhood: "We’ve Got Each Other’s Back"

Star Jones, The View

Divorce Court's Star Jones' connection with the ladies of The View is enduring. She spoke to TV Insider about visiting Sherri Shepherd on Sherri and The View's sisterhood.

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She dished:

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I’ve had so much fun. For The View, this is the 25th anniversary. As an official O.G., it was literally as if we had never been apart. When we get into a room, we start the exact same conversation from all those years ago. We are as in tune, in sync, as that first day of auditioning. That is why Barbara Walters was so brilliant in knowing which people would be able to express opinions and disagree without being disagreeable. That is something that was the secret sauce of the early days of The View.

Reflecting on the bonds between hosts both current and former, she added: 

I desperately miss spending that time together. Yeah, there are always ups and downs on television shows, but we are family. We can talk about one another, but nobody better say a damn thing about us. There is nothing that made me happier in the past two weeks than to sit with Sherri on the set of her own show. She is one of the best talents. I so wish her the very best. It’s so nice to see other women succeed. Everyone has been so supportive. The nicest compliment was from Joy [Behar]. Privately she said, 'You were born to do this, girl, and we are all so proud of you.' It was a nice feeling to know that after all those years, we’ve got each other’s back.