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The Young and the Restless Recap: Summer Warns Sally to Steer Clear of Nick

The Young and the Restless Recap for October 18, 2022
Summer Newman,The Young and the Restless

Allison Lanier

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap: 

Newman Media: Sally thinks about her past conversations with Nicholas and Adam (anything but work…). Summer comes by and the two get snarky with one another and Sally pins her down about her visit.

Summer wants to chat about Sally spending time with her dad. Sally tries to put it off as business meetings, but Summer caught them in an embrace. They remind each other about their lack of trust. Summer doesn’t want Sally dating her dad. She assumes that Sally is using Nicholas, and thinks he deserves better. Summer delivers a brutal reading of Sally’s existence. Sally thanks her for her “sage” advice, but thinks Nicholas should make his own decisions.

Brother vs Brother: Nicholas wants answers about why Adam lured Sally here under false pretenses. He didn’t come to fight and makes it clear he is unwilling to engage in yet another brother feud.

Adam goads Nicholas about his presumed role as Sally’s protector. Adam says he’s not a glutton for punishment. Sally has made her choice and he won’t fight it. Nicholas wonders if Adam is telling the truth or if he will punish everyone else for his own actions. Adam assures his brother he will leave Sally alone.

Chancellor-Winters: Devon and Lily are discussing Nate. They both have no clue whether or not to believe him about Tucker. Lily is still in complete shock about Nate’s actions. Devon thinks they need to clear their minds and get back to work. Neither of them have any clue who was actually behind the takeover (why is it so difficult to deduce or even question that it’s Newman?). Lily doesn’t know what they should do about the IPO. Devon jumps in and says there’s no way Jill will approve it. He adds the company is just as much his as Jill’s. He refuses to let any one or any company steal what is his (way to be a team player, Devon!).

Newman: Nate to see Victoria. He says he told Devon and Lily about their plans to take over Chancellor-Winters. He explains how Elena walked into the office to tell him goodbye. Victoria is worried she played a part in her decision by implying that Nate was making a very wise business decision. Nate doesn’t blame Victoria as Elena had previously made her position clear. The situation with Elena caused him to reevaluate his position with the takeover. Deep down inside, Nate knew that Elena was right. Now, he’s lost everyone.

Victoria worries that Devon and Lily will be knocking down her door. Nate reveals that he didn’t tell them with whom he was working. She believes this knowledge still gives her the upper hand. Nate could still sell her his shares and Newman could still take over Chancellor-Winters. Nate says he had only been guaranteed a seat on the board. The shares weren’t solidified by contract. Victoria assures him that making a business move doesn’t impact anyone’s integrity. Nate doesn’t want to hurt his family. He wants to be a better man. Victoria immediately offers to find him a suitable position at Newman.

Jabot: Kyle is on the phone when a disheveled Adam arrives. Adam gets snarky and Kyle wonders what the problem is. He immediately goes into self-righteous mode about how he told Jack that Adam wasn’t worth the risk. He thinks Adam should go home so no one sees him looking so raggedy. Adam wonders why he should bother when Kyle will clearly spread the gossip like wildfire. Kyle informs Adam he is now on vacation and is no longer his concern.

Society: Nicholas meets with Summer. She wants to confirm he’s not getting involved with Sally. She thinks he is always pairing up with women who aren’t actually over their previous relationships.

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Nicholas lies and says he and Sally are just close friends (really close.) Nicholas wonders why Summer isn’t packing for her honeymoon - which shifts the conversation to her trip to Costa Rica. She admits she is nervous to leave Marchetti - especially Phyllis and Diane. Nicholas leaves when Kyle comes in.

Kyle rightfully assumes they had been discussing Sally. Summer talks about her contentious discussion with her dad and Sally. Kyle brings up his issues with Adam. Summer just can’t believe that Adam would show up to work in such a fashion (does she know her family?). They agree to not talk about anything else, including the textile company which is pushing back their resort collection. (Was that random or will it be connected to a key player in Genoa City?)

Crimson Lights: Sally finds Connor sitting alone. He's there to meet Adam, who has yet to show up. He wonders if she and his dad are back together again. She slyly texts someone as she sits and talks with him. Connor remembers Adam was more calm when they were together. He thinks his dad misses her.

Adam receives a text message from Sally informing him about Connor. He quickly makes his way out of the building.


-Nicholas enters Victoria’s office. She informs him the take over of Chancellor-Winters has imploded. He is thrilled and assumes he realized family is far more important. Victoria thinks Nate’s actions had more to do with Elena. She has decided to replace Sally with Nate at Newman Media. 

-Nicholas thinks she is offering Nate a cancellation prize. Victoria says she has always thought they could get a stronger person in that position. Victoria adds that Nate has proven his loyalty to her. She remarks how Sally has never had the "cred" to run a division of Newman. Nicholas gets snarky and wonders what qualifies Nate. He thinks they should table the discussion and Victoria reluctantly agrees.

-Sally asks Connor about school and hockey, then Chelsea. Connor admits he lied to his mother saying he saw Adam inside. He just wanted to get out of the car. Sally tries to calm the waters. Connor says Chelsea thinks everything is fine, but he disagrees. Just then, Sally spies Adam at the door.

-Nate returns to an empty house. Devon wants to find out what is wrong with him and why he would try to screw over his family. He is giving Nate the opportunity to explain everything to him and come clean, especially since there is no job on the table. They should both be able to say anything the want. 

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