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The Young and the Restless Recap: Nikki and Phyllis Push Ashley to Manipulate Tucker

The Young and the Restless Recap for October 20, 2022
The Young and the Restless

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap:

Adoption anxiousness: Mariah and Tessa enter Crimson Lights. Cricket wants to discuss their adoption. They are concerned that their colorful pasts might keep them out of contention.

Cricket says someone responded to their adoption profile and wants to know more. She’s young and doesn’t think she is old enough to raise a child - but wants to be close to the prospective couple. Of course, there are a few stipulations. The next step is to exchange emails with the young woman, named Joss. Sharon and Cricket are left alone to reminisce about helping Nicholas adopt Cassie. (Hooray for history!)

Conniving and plotting: Ashley, Phyllis, and Nikki are talking about Tucker’s return and how it might be related to Diane. Nikki contends finding out their connection is a moral imperative. Ashley also believes Tucker’s attempt to reconnect go far beyond his interest in her.

Phyllis wonders if she’s given any further thought to her plan for Ashley to get closer to Tucker. Ashley says she tried, but he stood her up and will keep trying. Nikki and Phyllis encourage Ashley to string him along. They give her tips from their extensive experience. Ashley exits and Talia enters. They are all still on board to take down Diane. Talia figured out that someone with money and clout put pressure on the owner of the magazine to stop running articles about Diane. Nikki and Phyllis think it was Tucker McCall. 

Jabot: Jack and Allie are discussing her possible future at Jabot, which leads to tension on her face. Allie doesn’t like the idea of being a business woman like Audra. She doesn’t understand why Audra is around and constantly shows up where Noah is. Jack can’t imagine that Audra is a threat. Allie is thankful for his support.

Diane and Jack run into each other, and she shares pictures of Kyle and Summer’s honeymoon. The conversation quickly shifts to Jack’s suspicion that Tucker and Diane share a past - which means he’s listening to Phyllis.

Jack quickly counters saying that there are so many coincidences and he still has trouble trusting her. Diane is livid that he would believe Phyllis’ story above hers. Jack says his instincts tell him he’s right about her connection to Tucker. With that, Diane exits to find Phyllis sitting outside sporting a victorious grin. She knew it was only a matter of time until Jack saw the light.

Noah’s “Club”: Noah is hanging out in his new “club” when Audra arrives. Her consulting project isn’t working out and she wanted to go some place vibrant (really?) to think through her life.

Noah is skeptical and thinks she has ulterior motives for coming to his very empty club. He also hates how he tried to undermine Allie. Audra admits that she simply missed him. Noah tells her he is through playing games with her. That being said, she can clearly still get a reaction out of him, just as Allie enters.

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Society: Tucker believes Victoria is the mysterious CEO trying to poach the company. Just then, Victoria arrives and joins him. The conversation quickly shifts to Ashley and Tucker’s failed attempts to rekindle their relationship. Tucker shifts the conversation to questions about Ashland Locke and how well she emerged from such potential tragedy. He thinks Victoria is the perfect blend of her parents.

Tucker compliments her on her recent business acquisitions and she returns in kind. Talk quickly shifts to the Chancellor-Winters merger and how Tucker must feel about the changes to his mother’s company. He’s pleased for Devon, but also wants to assuage her fears that he might go after Newman. Just then, Ashley arrives and Victoria exits.

Ashley overheard Tucker talking about retirement, but is quite skeptical as she knows how driven he is. They snark back and forth, then Ashley ribs him for standing her up for dinner. He’s willing to eat two lunches if she’ll let him join her. She flirtatiously agrees.

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-Talia is fascinated with the story of Tucker and his Bentley. Nikki fills her in on Diane’s previous dalliance with Tucker and thinks his addition could take her book to the next level. Nikki enlists Talia in a scheme to learn more information.

-Tucker thinks his connection with Ashley is effortless and timeless. Ashley thinks Tucker is corny. They reminisce about their trip to Japan and the first time they hit the sheets. He thinks they were such a good team and he owes her everything, especially when she refused to have him taken off life support. Just then, Nikki calls and asks him to come to the ranch.

-Cricket tells Tessa and Mariah she emailed Joss their information. They are so grateful and ready to start a family.

-Allie walks in and kisses Noah. This triggers Audra and he watches her leave.

-Phyllis LAYS INTO Diane about how she has no future at Jabot...or Genoa City...or with Jack...with that, she exits. Diane returns to Jack’s office and admits she hasn’t been completely honest about her life in Los Angeles. There's something she’s ashamed to admit.

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