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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Taylor and Deacon Make Big Romantic Moves

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for October 24, 2022
Taylor Hayes, The Bold and the Beautiful

Krista Allen

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap: 

Annulment? Brooke is fingering a photo of marriage gone by when Ridge walks through the door without knocking. She hopes he is back to correct his mistake. Alas, he is only picking up his things. Brooke asks once again what caused him to suddenly end their marriage? Ridge says, “you know what you did” without actually forming words of communication. He flashback to hearing “Brooke’s” voice on the recording. He says she will always have his heart, but he’s moving on with Taylor. He’s asked Carter (oh Lord) to drop up not divorce papers, but ANNULMENT papers. (Really?)

A Blindfold? Steffy is thrilled and excited that her parents are back together - which they should just stitch on a pillow. She says she almost feels sorry for Brooke. Taylor relates via the revisionist history that Brooke was responsible multiple times for ending her relationship with Ridge.

Taylor quickly ends a phone call as Steffy returns to the room. Steffy wants to know why her mother is acting so weird. Well, you see, Taylor’s done a thing. She’s very excited about the thing, but doesn’t want to share the thing with Steffy…but she will ask to borrow a blindfold.

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Dollar Bill: Liam and Bill are sharing brews and discussing the newly single Brooke Logan. Bill is going to step in and take control of things with Brooke. He’s done with Katie and ready to return to a woman who accepts him for who he is. Liam thinks Bill needs to let Brooke catch her breath before moving on with someone else.

Hope For the Future? Hope and Deacon are gossiping about Bill and the designs he may have on Brooke. Deacon is not surprised that Ridge is still so predictable while Hope continues to focus on Steffy’s meddling. He also wonders how Hope is holding up. Things are tense at home because of the situation with Douglas and Thomas. Hope admits she is the tiniest bit relieved that the end of Brooke and Ridge’s marriage may mean it becomes easier to co-parent Douglas. Ridge doesn’t deserve Brooke, not like Deacon. Hope pushes him to pay her mother a visit.

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-Taylor leads a blindfolded Ridge into what appears to be (or used to be) Wyatt’s beach house. She takes the blindfold off and Ridge recognizes it as the home he used to live in long ago - so many memories. When he realizes Taylor bought it and they’re going to move in together, he picks her up for a little hugging and kissing.

-Deacon and Hope arrive at Brooke’s where the daughter pushes the father to woo the not yet annulled mother. Deacon who was only supposed to tell Brooke about his feelings whips out an engagement ring. Deacon just can’t help himself…He declares that she’s always been the one for him and just wants a chance to repair their family. He will prove his love to her every single day. 

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