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The Young and the Restless Recap: Jack Contemplates His Path Forward in The Wake of Diane’s Confession

The Young and the Restless Recap for October 25, 2022
Jack Abbott, The Young and the Restless

Peter Bergman

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap: 

The Newman Ranch: Nikki is on her phone when Phyllis enters ranting about something going down between Diane and Jack at Jabot. She saw something in the office going on between them and found a way to interrupt. Phyllis doesn’t know any further details, but they both rejoice in the fact that Diane was crying.

Nikki chastises Phyllis for not actually getting the details, but Phyllis pushes back that she’s doing the best she can. Phyllis follows up that it’s only a matter of time before Diane snaps. They talk about how horrible Diane is and how Phyllis sacrificed her career to take Diane down (wasn’t that Phyllis’ choice?).

The Abbott Mansion: Jack has a flashback to his conversation with Diane about Tucker and Jeremy. Ashley enters and he immediately tells her that she was right about Diane. He explains that Tucker tempted Diane by providing information about Allie and Kyle. Tucker expected Diane to feed him information about Ashley.

She’s not surprised and is furious they used Allie to infiltrate the family. Jack knows he should be furious, but isn’t sure just how to feel about what he’s learned - he’s been caught off guard. He’s glad Kyle and Summer aren’t around, but will be devastated when they find out. Ashley urges that something be done about Diane now.

Jack has some sympathy for Diane because everything she did in LA was for survival, but isn’t sure if there was any other motive. Jack shifts to Tucker and Ashley says she is still working him for information.

Crimson Lights: Diane is trying to bathe in her own misery at when Tucker approaches. Diane lights into him about blackmailing her and Tucker realizes she’s been found out. Tucker takes a seat and probes.

Diane admits she landed a preemptive strike because the Bitches of Genoa City were about to uncover the truth. She told Jack the “darker parts” of her life in LA. She explains what she told Jack about Jeremy. Tucker recounts all the ways he helped Diane reunite with her son and grandson. How could she not have the strength to keep her mouth shut? Diane says Tucker is at fault for forcing her to continue to work for him. Tucker is FURIOUS and thinks she has destroyed all the progress she’s made in town.

Tucker reviews that one of his primary goals was to reunite with Ashley and telling Jack most likely destroys that option. He’s not giving up on his goals. Diane only told Jack that Tucker was looking for information on Ashley, which had slim chances at best. Tucker is clearly a wee overconfident about the power of his charms.

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Diane promises to continue to manage the situation and was only doing damage control. She believes Jack will help her maintain her newly cultivated relationships. Tucker maintains that Jack will never see her as anyone’s victim. Tucker now sees her as a liability. If that’s true, Diane thinks it’s time they part ways, but Tucker’s not done with her. Just then, he gets a text from Ashley asking to meet for a drink. Before he leaves, he vows to make her life impossible if he’s forced to clean up her mess.

Noah’s “Club”: The club is rocking when Abby and Chance arrive. Devon walks over and apologizes for them seeing his argument with Nate. He explains the fight was a long time coming. Abby keeps probing about the problems between the two Winters men, but all Devon reveals is the damage is most likely beyond repair. While they are talking, Chance gets a text calling him to a crime scene. Abby is somewhat frigid as Chance makes his apologies and exits. Devon offers to keep her company.

Abby is going to take this opportunity to dig for information. Devon thinks he’s going to dig about Tucker, but she’s more curious about Nate. Devon grabs a drink and begins to tell the story of their contention. Devon says he’s bothered because Nate said he was hanging on so tightly to Neil’s memory, that he’s squeezing the life out of the company, and isn’t open to a new partnership. Abby wonders if what Nate says has any validity. If it’s not true, why does Devon care? Devon explains he was hesitant to do the merger in the first place because it felt like he was betraying Neil. He suppressed his feelings to satisfy everyone else. Abby supports Devon and says he’s not “fully” responsible for Nate’s actions. She rubs on him to show comfort just as Chance returns.

Society: Lily arrives at Society to find Billy waiting with a special treat. He pours her some champagne as he wants to celebrate his departure from Chancellor-Winters. Billy is worried how Jill will react when she finds out, but thinks she’ll come around because Lily is in charge. Lily is a touch worried because whenever Billy’s had time on his hands in the past, he often gets into trouble. He promises he won’t jump into anything too quickly, then sweeps her up into a dance (in the middle of the non-dancing restaurant) to distract her.

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-Chance steals Abby away for a dance. They kiss and dance as Devon looks on. Abby watches him leave over Chance’s shoulder.

-Jack finds himself left alone again with his Diane flashbacks and reminisces about their kiss.

-Phyllis walks into Crimson Lights and zeroes in on Diane. She very sensitively asks what Diane did to screw up this time. Diane refers to Phyllis as a vulture circling around to feast on people’s pain. Phyllis tries to play with a straight face how she has tried her hardest to make peace with Diane, both for the good of Marchetti and the family. Diane thinks Phyllis is simply being Phyllis and exits.

-Billy and Lily exit just as Ashley enters to meet Tucker. As Billy is about to eviscerate Tucker’s name, he enters and Billy and Lily exit. Tucker cuts to the chase saying he’s thrilled that Ashley texted. She says she’s willing to continue reconnecting if he’s willing to be honest about his relationship with Diane, especially their origins in LA. 

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