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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Hope’s Doppelgänger Returns!

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for October 27, 2022
Hope Logan, The Mannequin, The Bold and the Beautiful

Annika Noelle

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap: 

Wash, Rinse, Repeat: Steffy is talking to the folks at Eye on Fashion about the upcoming fashion show when Brooke arrives. Steffy assumes she’s looking for Ridge and blissfully tells her how he is probably with Taylor. With that, she dismisses her. Brooke is not dismissed so easily, so they re-enter the ongoing conversation about how horrible Brooke is and how much better off Ridge is with Taylor.

Steffy lets Brooke know Hope is with Thomas. Brooke reminds Steffy just how detached and dangerous her brother was. They should all remain on their guard. Steffy thinks she needs to drop her vendetta against Thomas, besides, what would Ridge think?

Doppelgänger Mannequin Returns! Hope and Thomas are discussing Paris passing on the message that she thinks he’s “hot” (for the love…). Hope changes the subject and wants to see one of the dresses for the fashion show. Before he can stop her, Hope goes behind the screen and comes face to face with her mannequin doppelgänger.

Hope is furious and demands to know why her look-alike is there. Thomas says someone must have thought it would be a good idea for him to fit a mannequin that looks like her (really?). He says he would never purposely have that thing around. He begs her to believe him.

Eavesdropping Mama: Brooke overhears the conversation between Hope and Thomas. Hope says she believes Thomas and knows how much he’s tried to change (really?). As they get a little too flirty, Brooke enters and wants to talk to Hope alone.

Brooke confronts her daughter about what’s going on with Thomas. Hope defends Thomas saying that all he’s doing is bonding with his son and working on her line. Brooke is mortified that Hope has so much confidence in Thomas. She then confronts Hope on her comments about Thomas being hot.. She tries to explain it away, but Brooke isn’t falling for her foolishness - even bringing up the mannequin (GO BEHIND THE SCREEN, BROOKE!).

Thomas runs to Steffy and complains about Brooke. She explains that Brooke had just been in her office where they exchanged words. She thinks Brooke is focused on Thomas now that Ridge has left her. Thomas is certain that Hope won’t fall for Brooke’s manipulations.

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A Game of Chess: Douglas is playing chess with Liam while Eric and Donna watch on. Douglas pipes up and says Donna has been giving him pointers. She was scorekeeper for her high school chess club. Douglas talks about how much fun he’s been having at the mansion. Liam is glad, but reminds him that Hope misses him. Would he maybe want to come home? Douglas looks over at Eric and asks if he has to leave. Eric says he can stay, but takes Donna and exits so Liam can continue talking to Douglas.

Liam tries to talk to Douglas about going back to the cabin, but he says the mansion is where he wants to be. Douglas unintentionally (or is it) drives the dagger further in by saying he wants to be with his mom and his REAL dad.

Liam reminds Douglas about all the fun and projects they did together. He thought they were best buds. Douglas agrees, but he really likes hanging out with his mom and dad - his real family.

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-Hope knows Thomas has changed. Brooke reminds Hope that Thomas manipulates people to get what he wants. She can still see it in his eyes even if Hope can’t.

-Steffy wants to stop wasting time on Brooke. Thomas just wants Brooke to stop interfering with his relationship with Hope. Steffy flinches at his use of the word relationship. Hope enters and Steffy leaves them to work in the office - but not before she ribs Thomas about being half-nekkid.

-Hope confirms Brooke overheard their discussion. The phone rings and Thomas sends Hope to try on his latest design. He answers the phones requesting some samples and Hope returns in the dress. This dress is almost an exact replica of the one Hope was wearing in Thomas’ fantasy. Out loud, he tells himself to “stop it" and Hope wonders if he’s okay. 

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