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The Kelly Clarkson Show Team Goes Behind The Scenes on Kellyoke Segments

The team behind The Kelly Clarkson Show is shining a light on what goes into making the chatfest. They spoke to The Wrap about how host Kelly Clarkson prepares for various segments, including the popular "Kellyoke."

Showrunner/EP (alongside Clarkson) Alex Duda said of Clarkson:

She’s a natural connector, she’s naturally curious—that is a great thing for daytime, and she’s a fan. She loves art and she loves stories about art, and as an artist, she looks to art to heal. So that came in handy, especially the last couple of years that we’ve been going through the pandemic.

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Clarkson films 180 episodes per year, with just as many "Kellyoke" segments. Two weeks before each episode's airdate, six songs (one per each ep filmed a week) are arranged and cut to 90 seconds. Then, musical director Jason Halbert and vocal director Jessi Collins put together a reference track for Clarkson and her band, who will rehearse the track once before they record it.

Halbert said:

The morning of the show, I send Kelly her two references, usually about 6:30 a.m. and while she’s in glam, she listens to the songs and then she comes out on stage and rehearses them maybe one time and then we do it.

Sometimes, though, Clarkson needs to be flexible, on the off chance songs get switched out without the time for Collins and Halbert to create reference tracks. And Season 4 is bringing more songs, more celebrity guests and panels, more giving back, more duets (including with Dolly Parton), and even better ratings. Duda added:

We try to tell good stories, and I think that always wins in the end. The beginning, middle and end as far as the human interest [part], and people just want to feel better on our show.